Fox Coffee Brewing Guide

Bye bye bitter brews: How to make a perfect cuppa at home

Everyone talks about the expense of smashed avo, but what about the coffee epidemic?

Aussies are now forking out up to six dollars for their soy capps or double shot macchiatos (guilty). This sure adds up to a latte if you’re a 2-3 coffee a day type (again, guilty).

But never fear, because the coffee connoisseurs at Gebung’s Fox Coffee Roasting Co. have released their guide on how to make the perfect cuppa at home! Throw away your Blend 43 once and for all, and make your 6am cuppa just as good as your 10am cafe visit.  And don’t think this means spending thousands on your own espresso machine either – Fox is dishing the goods on Aeropress, French Press and Stovetop Espresso.


Bonjour! For a coffee that will have you saying merci in the morning, why not try French Press?

For maximum quality and flavour, grind your java to a fine consistency. A good rule of thumb is slightly coarser than table salt. Next, place a rough 20g of coffee (two tablespoons) into the plunger with 300ml of 95°C water – that way your coffee will boiling instead of burning! Let the slurry simmer for four minutes, remove floating granules with a spoon and plunge. Pour your newly made espresso into a warm mug and Voila! The perfect way to quench your morning caffeine craving.


Perfect for use both at home and on the road, the Aeropress is one of the best and quickest ways to make your morning cuppa. A wonderful mechanism made up of three parts (a brew chamber, plunger, and basket complete with a paper filter), an Aeropress is placed on top of your favourite mug when making your coffee!

For this method, simply grind your favourite beans into a fine powder and sift the powder into the papered basket. Screw the basket onto the brew chamber and pour the hot water into the brewing chamber of the Aeropress within 10 seconds for maximum flavour! Let the slurry sit for a magical 1.15 minutes and then mix things up by stirring. Finally, use the plunger to empty your freshly made coffee into your mug and you will have the perfect brew to keep you buzzin’ throughout the day!


Strong, smooth, and hot – no, that’s not Chris Pratt we’re describing, it’s the espresso you can make with the stovetop method.

Fill the bottom chamber of the stovetop with cold filtered water until the base of the valve. Next, fill the brew basket with your favourite coffee grinded to a medium fine powder, and plop that on top of the bottom chamber. Don’t compact the coffee in your brew basket though – it needs space to expand and become the perfect blend! Place the stovetop, with the top chamber attached, onto a medium heat source, and let it brew for four minutes or until the top chamber is almost full – that’s when you know it’s ready! Let the stovetop sit for a minute to ensure that no more water is seeping through and then serve! Pour into a warm cup for best results.

If you want to be the ultimate brew master at home, but still a little unsure about how to go about it, check out Fox Coffee Roasting Co.’s detailed guide

Words by Jacqueline Pon