For spring and summer sips, we see seltzers in your future! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

For spring and summer sips, we see seltzers in your future!

The low-cal, delicious RTDs that took the States by storm have landed on our shores just in time for picnics, beach trips, and sunny seshes.

Picture this: the weather’s tops, your crew is assembled, you’ve kicked off your shoes to feel the grass/sand/um… carpet between your toes, and you crack into a light, refreshing, fruity bev with fewer calories than the stack you just grabbed from the cheese board…

After White Claws (yes, #whiteclawsummer) and other varieties of seltzers became America’s official™drink of summer, a bunch of local and international names have come to the party in Australia, bringing the light (in flavour and kilojoules) drinks to eskies nation-wide, with an ABV around the same as your favourite beer, but a whole lot easier on the belly to stay on for a whole sesh!

“Seltzers come in a variety of flavours, from natural or with a touch of lemon, to flavours like raspberry or apple. [They appeal] to customers who are after a light and refreshing drink that’s not overly sweet,” said Dan Murphy’s Premix Category Manager, Andrew McCrae, in a press release.

Some Aussie-made names to look out for include Liberty Coast at 63 calories per can in raspberry or lime flavours, Rainbird in lemon and lime or natural, and Saintly’s hard seltzers (6%, ya feel) in grapefruit or lime with zero sugar, zero carbs, and just under 90 calories per can.

From abroad, Hint seltzers (in watermelon or citrus) from New Zealand are made with triple-distilled vodka made with Bay of Plenty water and no sugar, while US brand Basic Babe (I mean… fair) boasts just 55 cals per can with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

You can find most of these names in stock now at Dan Murphy’s and BWS, but check in at your local to see what’s available!


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