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Brisbane’s ultimate chilli chocolate adventures

For most of us, our first experience with chilli and chocolate came sometime after 2003 when Lindt bestowed it on humble supermarket shelves – how mainstream. Mayans were the original hipsters; these ancient flavour geniuses were onto this holy grail of flavour combos (salted caramel, you will never compete) way before it was cool… as long ago as 460AD. Luckily, the rest of the world is starting to catch up. We’ve rounded up the best treats Brisbane has to offer when you’re after that tingly taste sensation. Chilli choc martini | Junk Bar, Ashgrove Chocolate infused with fresh chillies, mixed with house sugar-syrup and shaken with a touch of cream, Kahlua, Vanilla Galliano and Crème de Cacao. We’ve been tooting the horn of this iconic Brisbane tipple since we were a wee blog only a few months old (don’t believe us? Check this out). We won’t stop until their hipster beards turn grey. Seatonfire licorice and lime chilli chocolate | Various stockist around Brisbane Seatonfire is a family-run chocolate company based in the Lockyer Valley who, true to their name, specialise in the hot stuff. It’s impossible to go past the licorice and lime variety – 57% Belgian coverture chocolate infused with aniseed, sprinkled with lime peel and packing enough chilli to rate a 3/3 on their nifty heat scale. Choc chilli gelato @ Mons Ban Sabai Thai, Camp Hill You’ll have travelled the world with one generous scoop of this gelato. The crazy combination of velvety chocolate, crisp gelato and a bite of chilli is soothing, spicy and refreshing all at once. Not only is it a delectable dessert, but a perfect finisher for a night of Thai or anything else, really – it’s irresistible. Spicy hot chocolate | Monty’s Chocolates, Paddington Nothing compares to this cup (bucket) of silky goodness. Monty’s hot chocolate has no rival. Crafted from Belgian chocolate, Maleny Dairy milk and a secret concoction of subtle spices, this milky dessert is no longer a weak finisher, but a dark and luxuriant treat for the palate. BYO spoon. It’s a killer. So pack your bags folks – a decadent chocolate adventure awaits. Words by Julia Hulbert