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Brisbane's top pizza chefs dish on their favourite slices

It’s difficult not to get lost in a gourmet pizza menu.

After your eyes pleasurably roll over “wood-fired” and “cold-fermented dough,” you realise the only issue you’re faced with is choosing just one or two pizzas to take home. 

To shine a heat lamp on Brisbane’s cheesiest, fluffiest, and most authentically Italian pizzas, we’ve asked some of the city’s top pizza chefs what their favourites are. 

Bob Haddad | Il Verde + Il Gancio 

Margherita is my favourite. You can really taste the base, the cheese, the tomato, and the basil— and this is always tasty if it’s made well. 

It is even more tasty with our new dough, called ‘biga.’ We use an old-style method that is pre-fermented for 14-24 hours—after that, you add flour, salt, and olive oil. This method gives the dough more flavour, and it’s nice and fluffy in the middle. 

Riccardo Angelini | Julius Pizzeria 

My go-to pizza is the San Riccardo, just because it’s my favouriteand I designed it. 

Honestly, I’m a pretty simple guy about food. Basically, this pizza is a red-base with mozzarella, mushroom, ham, and stracciatella cheese (which is very soft and milky). It’s pretty simple, it’s what I always loved from when I was young. I also grew up on prosciutto, prosciutto is my favourite…

Stefano Spataro | Beccofino 

My favourite is the Number One—that’s a Margherita with prosciutto di Parma. I love the simplicity of the Margherita, and the added prosciutto gives a little razzle dazzle. 

Jono Richards | Superfly Pizza

The roast pumpkin and blue cheese pizza is my favourite. It has a nice balance of flavours, with the honey, blue cheese, rocket, and pumpkin, and hits the spot every time.

Teague Shepherd | Mr. Chester Wine Bar

My favourite pizza is the Fungi. I love to forage when I get the chance, and I’m always impressed by the diversity of mushrooms. At Mr. Chester, I use a combination of mushrooms for texture and flavor, alongside smoked scamorza, pecorino, and truffle salami from Norcia, Italy.

Dale McCullen | Neesh Bar

My favourite would have to be our Meatlovers. From our hand-stretched wood-fired base to house-made bbq sauce to the fresh, top quality meats including ham off the bone, pepperoni, salami, and house-pulled pork, I can’t think of anything better.


Even through all the challenges the hospitality scene has endured this year, it’s uplifting to know that great pizza can withstand any challenge thrown its way! Now, back to choosing one or two… 

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who goes gourmet for pizza.