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Brisbane’s top 5 cultural cuisine mashups

There’s a day for everything from tequila to macarons, but May 21 is a day with a little more significance – World Day for Cultural Diversity. We took it as an excuse to eat our weight in food of course (what else?), and have found five of Brisbane’s most culturally diverse eateries so you can do the same. And we’re not talking just one international cuisine, we mean half a dozen, all rolled into one epic feed! How better to celebrate cultural diversity than by putting it on a plate? IndiMex | Stones Corner Can’t decide whether to head out for butter chicken or burritos? Quesadilla or curry? Nachos or naan? No need to make a difficult decision because tucked away in Stones Corner is IndiMex with the answer. Whether you like it hot and saucy or mild and melted, you’re sure to find a dish to satisfy those transcontinental cravings! We recommend the Chimosa, a crispy fried Mexican tortilla stuffed with Indian samosa filling. Chop Chop Chang’s | West End Why sample just one country’s fare when you can experience a whole continent in one scrumptious sitting? Chop Chop Chang’s celebrates your favourite Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Nepalese and Thai dishes in true ‘street eat’ style. Even the drinks menu takes you to hybrid heaven! Make sure you try the Tom Yum Collins cocktail with gin, lemongrass, lime, kaffir lime leaves and soda. international food brisbane 2Libertine | Petrie Terrace France and Vietnam might be 10,000km and a few worlds of cooking styles apart, but Libertine Restaurant has bridged the gap between them with their fusion menu. Skip the backpacking trip and instead take a journey through BBQ duck canard crepes with crispy noodles, honey, cucumber and spring onion. And who wants to sleep on buses when you can dine on dreamy yuzu curd tart with green tea meringue and a ginger Chantilly cream? Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley Put together Asian favourites, American fast food and a hefty dash of WTF (what the food?) and you’ll get Heya Bar’s street food menu. With ultimate drinking food like cheeseburger spring rolls, karaage popcorn chicken and the Tonkatsu Dog, a hot dog piled with crumbed pork, apple cider slaw and sesame mayo, you’re stomach will be well-lined for their irresistible cocktails. Moda Restaurant | CBD What’s better than matching two styles of cuisine? Putting together three of course! Embark on a European adventure at Moda and dive into a mixture of Spanish, French and Italian fare. With the restaurant’s Head Chef from Catalonia you’d be mad not to try the traditional catalan zarzuela, a spicy seafood stew, and then unbutton that belt to fit in some traditional Spanish crème caramel! Happy World Day for Cultural Eating, uhhh, we mean Diversity! Words by Jade Hewitt