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Brisbane’s sweetest ice cream desserts

What’s the one and only thing in life that never disappoints? You know it: ice cream. The Italians may have made their claim to fame with this sweet stuff, but the Queensland heat has forced us to take it to the next level and turn ice cream into an art form. We’ve gone far beyond the classic waffle cone and have discovered some stunningly ingenious ways to ingest our favourite dessert, so without further ado, here are some of the best ice cream desserts in Brisbane.
Naked pop | Cowch | South Brisbane
Dip into your creative side and swing by Cowch to pick your own paddle pop ice cream, chocolate coating and toppings and create a decadent personalized treat!
Bombe Alaska | Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley
Pink sea salt ice cream + devil’s food cake + chocolate meringue + hot chocolate sauce = Alfred & Constance’s Bombe Alaska (aka, happiness).
Rolled ice cream | Minus 32 | Various Locations
Roll into Minus 32 and try some of their famous rolled ice cream, turned into ice cream on a frozen slab and rolled all in one go! After one bite you’ll be trying to figure out how to eat all your food in roll form.
Coffee soft serve | Queen of Pops | Clayfield
Did someone say ice cream on tap? Queen of Pops has given us our new favourite way to drink coffee (in soft serve form) with their coffee soft serve, finally giving us an appropriate response to the question, ‘why are you eating ice cream before 8am?’
Coconut puffle | Southside Bistro | Sunnybank
Fun to say, even more fun to eat. The coconut puffle is comprised of a Hong Kong style egg waffle, brownie crumble, berry compote, white chocolate panna cotta, and a whole lot of ice cream. Shut up and take our money.
Gelato pops | La Macelleria | New Farm
What do you get when you take some of Brisbane’s best gelato and dip it in chocolate? Bliss. Bliss is what you get.
Hello Chocolate | Lick! Ice Cream | Graceville
It’s a universally acknowledged law that you can’t have a brownie without ice cream, so if you’re already having one scoop, why not have 3?
Ice cream sandwiches | Mister Fitz | Various Locations
Has there ever been a more perfect union than that of ice cream and cookies? What a dumb question, of course not. Especially when you can choose not only your cookies and your ice cream flavour, but toppings too!
Ice cream burger | Fritzenberger | Petrie Terrace
Dessert for dinner is perfectly acceptable when it’s in burger form. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves tucking into this baby.
Cookies and cream bingsoo | Surabing Korean Dessert Café | Sunnybank
What is bingsoo you ask? It’s basically a Koran sundae. Picture lots of ice cream, nuts, condensed milk and Oreos. It’s as good as it sounds.
Choc tops | Chester Street Bakery | New Farm
If you think it’s too hot for Nutella lasagna next time you’re at Chester Street, one of their decedent choc tops are sure to hit the spot.
Funnel cake | Famous Funnel Cakes | Various
It wouldn’t be a trip to the Eat Street Markets without indulging in a heavenly funnel cake – basically a doughnut/waffle/heart attack on a plate. These bad boys come in a variety of flavours, are filled with ice cream, loaded with drool-worthy toppings and are all ridiculously good.
Waffle ice cream sandwich | Brooklyn Depot | South Brisbane
Yes, yes and more yes. Brooklyn Depot has really amped up Brisbane’s ice cream sandwich game, and because it’s waffles, we can have one for breakfast.
Soft served halo with a custard doughnut | The Doughnut Bar | CBD
Ever wanted a doughnut AND an ice cream but felt guilty about ordering two desserts at once? Because same. The Doughnut Bar has come up with the brilliant idea of serving their soft serve with a doughnut halo! It doesn’t count as two desserts if they’re served together, right? We’ve given you the hot scoop Brisbane: get licking while it’s still hot enough for ice cream to be considered a major food group. Words by Georgia Casey