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Brisbane’s sweetest doughnuts

In the name of the flour, the sugar, and the holy doughnut.

It’s said that any hole is a goal, but after some of the doughnuts that we’ve had the displeasure of devouring, we beg to differ.

Raise your standards and seek Brisbane’s sweetest doughnut selection below, because that dessert-sized void you’re harbouring deserves to be filled with Nutella… or strawberry cheesecake… or a cheeky VoVo guy.

Nodo | Various locations

Nodo, no gluten, no worries. Predominantly known for their gluten-free, baked not fried donuts, Nodo has a knack for turning out perfect flavour combinations to support your daily dose of sweetness. Sit down to a six pack of Iced VoVo, vegan wild chocolate orange, strawberry hazelnut, blueberry lemon cheesecake, raspberry and white chocolate, and pumpkin maple – which is the only six pack we’ll be seeing anytime soon…

Doughnut Time | Various locations

Filled, frosted, sprinkled and glazed, Doughnut Time has options for days. The day-to-day menu features favourites including Slim Shady (vanilla glaze with mini M&M’s), Liam Hemsworthy (vegan red velvet with a cookies and cream frosting, crushed choc biscuits and a chocolate glaze) and Fairy Godmother (100’s and 1000’s), with holiday and pop culture specials joining the party when you’d hope it would. Guess it’s time to pay them a visit.

Chocolate Komberry Co. | Eat Street Northshore

Give us conuts or give us nothing. Chocolate Komberry Co. is known for their ice cream stuffed conuts (cones bred with donuts, mum), with the likes of Tim Tam, Golden Gaytime and rainbow unicorn flavoured soft serves filling the most heavenly foodie fusion known to mankind. If you’re more of a cronuts kind of millennial, they’ve got you covered on all counts.

The Doughnut Bar | Eat Street Northshore

So, do you come here often? You bloody will after getting a taste for any of The Doughnut Bar’s doughuts, cronuts, doughcones, doughnut shakes or doughnut fries. If you’re stuck on what to choose, go for the rocky road and creme de Milo… followed by watermelon and Spanish hot chocolate. Look, you’re just not going to be able to stop after one trip.

Flour & Chocolate | Morningside

Flour & Chocolate & apple crumble gonuts (their take on the cronut, we’re starting to lose track too). Each week brings new flavours with it, which means you could be biting into white chocolate pistachio, vanilla custard, or something completely different! Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Paddock Bakery | Miami

Your Instagram feed is about to blow up. Paddock Bakery is known for their picture perfect doughnut-based creations, with the likes of semi-sourdough Boston cream doughnuts, cinnamon and Oreo mini-doughnuts and Nutella-filled doughnuts topped with crackling chocolate bits making a Miami trip more than worth it.

Banneton Bakery | Various locations

Back it up to Banneton Bakery for classics done damn well. We’re talking custard filled, jam filled and lemon filled guys – and we’re feeling a take-home order of stressfully large proportions coming on.

Diet – ruined. Care given – none.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who loves getting down and doughy