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Brisbane’s sweetest bacon breakfasts

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If it was up to us, bacon would be in its own glorious food group. But unfortunately for fellow bacon lovers everywhere, we don’t control the food pyramid that relegates bacon to the ‘eat in moderation’ category. But just try forcing that rule on Brisbane cafes! All over town these sizzling strips of wonder are no longer relegated to lying lifelessly alongside eggs, instead bacon is shakin’ its way to the sweet side. In celebration of this movement, we give you Brisbane’s best sweetest bacon breakfasts! Artie & Mai | Albion Are you sitting down? We hope so, and we hope it’s at Artie & Mai while you await, drooling in anticipation, for a plate of banana French toast with salted caramel and candied bacon ice cream. If there was ever a reason to have ice cream for breakfast, this is it. Nana & Da’s | Kedron Every time you stop into this cozy suburban gem you’ll feel like you’re getting a hug. Not one of those one-armed hugs either, but a proper bear hug that will make you feel so content you’ll wish it didn’t have to end.  And once you’ve polished off a pancake stack swimming in a pool of maple syrup and topped with banana, bacon and ice cream, you’ll feel so warm inside that you’ll never want to leave. My Mistress | Clayfield Normally when the word mistress is involved, it’s all very hush hush. However we think everyone  needs to know about this Sweet Thang. To quote timeless literature (aka Mean Girls), My Mistress won’t  ‘let the (bacon) haters stop you from doing your thang!’ with their French toast piled with maple syrup, bacon and fresh seasonal fruit. We might just be in love. Jacu Espresso | Norman Park Yoohoo Jacu (yep, still rhyming), your brioche French toast with baked ricotta, bacon, maple syrup, walnuts and a dash of mint have sent us straight to foodie heaven! Bacon, cheese and carbs, all in one glorious pile of sweetness? Genius! Suburban Café | West End We warned you we weren’t done with French toast, and this one is extra special. Not content with just dousing bacon in maple syrup, Suburban Cafe have candied the stuff and put it atop French toast with poached pear and mascarpone. CANDIED BACON. That’s bacon coated in brown sugar for the unaware. Heart attack on a plate it may be but oh what a way to go. Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley If you’ve had one too many of A & C’s tiki cocktails on a Saturday night and found yourself well and truly lei’d, the only answer for the resulting hangover on Sunday morning is to tuck into their sweet bacon breakfast. Banana and walnut thick cut bread is showered with honey, ricotta and crunchy, crispy bacon. No need for hair of the dog here, bacon is the cure. Of course, if none of these take your fancy (why the hell not?), you can always just add bacon to your fave brekky dish. Tell us your wildest creation on Facebook! Words by Suzanne McLoughlin