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Brisbane’s spiciest meals

When the weather turns chilly it’s time to turn up the heat, and we don’t mean the electric kind. We mean the exotic, chilli filled, edible kind, that will have you red in the face and reaching for the tissues. Brisbane heat seekers have a wide world of spiciness available to them, so whether you’re after a familiar favourite or an unheard of foreign delicacy, our list of spicy international dishes around Brisbane will leave you tingling from head to toe. Lao Larb | Chop Chop Changs A spicy mincemeat salad, larb is the national dish of Laos and a far too underappreciated delicacy in our opinion. Chop Chop Changs Larb Isaam is a fiery reincarnation of the dish, full of ground pork, pak chi fanang (it’s a herb), hot mint, dried chilli and lime. Chilli Pizza | Brewski The famous Mad Man Chilli Spank pizza brings men to their knees (or at least a tear to their eye). This is one serious pie consisting of Bertocchi Felino hot salami, mushrooms, olives, chilli, mozzarella and something they call Ultra Death sauce (shudder). For the month of August these crazy kids are challenging you to finish the dish, and wash it down with a chilli beer. Do it and you win a lucky dip of beers, sauces, ciders and a whole lot of respect. Mexican Chilli | La Quinta Everyone’s favourite Mexican chow, chilli somehow combines just a few ingredients and some intense spices to create a mega tasty dish that will satisfy even the hungriest soul. La Quinta’s giant bowl of the stuff is packed with prime beef, tomatoes and chilli, slowly braised until the meat is ready to fall apart and served with warm tortillas and a dollop of sour cream to take the edge off. Best chilli in town. Indian Vindaloo| Ceylon Inn The Vindaloo curry, originating in southern India, packs a hefty punch of heat and flavour. It’s usually the hottest curry on the menu at any Indian restaurant and certainly is at Ceylon Inn. Not for the faint of tongue, trust us when we say you want to order raita (yogurt sauce to cool the tongue) with this one. Vietnamese Pho | The Fat Noodle A popular street food in Vietnam, pho is a spicy broth full of hunger busting noodles, meat and herbs. At The Fat Noodle, Chef Luke’s signature Pho is a scrumptious, belly-filling bowl of beef broth, thinly sliced Angus sirloin and brisket, bean sprouts, thai basil, chilli and rice noodles. And not a fluorescent light or plastic chair in sight. Chinese Sichuan | Sichuan Bang Bang The hottest of all Asian hotpots, the Sichuan province of China prides itself on serving the most epically spicy food of all time, and you can guarantee that anything with the word ‘Sichuan’ in front of it will have you steaming from the ears. Kenmore favourite, Sichuan Bang Bang, just wacked it front of their restaurant name, which pretty much says it all about their menu. Scrumptious Sichuan crispy fried chicken with dried chilli and coriander or Sichuan wok fried eggplant with minced pork in chilli sauce will have you guzzling water like it’s wine. Ask for ‘crazy hot’ if you dare. Don’t touch the heater (who can afford the bill anyway?) as the last of winter makes itself known, instead, head out for some heat you can eat. It’s the best kind. Words by Ranyhyn Akui

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