The Malećon Milton | Gourmand & Gourmet

Brisbane's slice of Cuban paradise

Now we all know Brisbane is great (duh), but sometimes we need a break to leave the cobwebs of the city behind and truly relax while sipping on a rum cocktail or two. Forget the long-haul flights and look no further than Milton, The Malecón has brought Havana and old school hospitality to you with their Cuban inspired rum bar.

Blink and you might miss it, but look for the black velvet curtains and the dim light, just a few doors up from Newstead Brewing Co. and you will step into a world of warmth and ambience. Ever felt judged by your bartenders? Not at The Malecón. They have thrown open the doors (and their homely arms) and have made it a sanctuary and safe wall(the more you know) for all its patrons.


The super talented team of rum aficionados have put together a list of tantalising house creations and classics each with a fresh Malecón twist (literally, local fruit is delivered daily and prepared to order). Fear not for those who have been scarred by the liquid gold (hello 18 y/o self who tucked into majority of a bottle of the Bundaberg variety and never fully recovered) as they have curated an epic wine list and a select few beers on tap for those intermittent drinks.

More than crafting cocktails, they are crafting rum itself! The team is in the process of setting up their sparkling in house stills to become Brisbane’s most inner-city micro-distillery. When they are up and running, they have hopes to add it to their extensive back bar, boasting +100 rums.


The Malecón promises an experience that will see you sinking into the antique leather chairs, basking in the old school hospitality and reminiscing of those warm nights in Havana with a very tanned gentleman named Alejandro.

Words by Tess Allan
- the gourmet who will be seen with her hair down, drink in hand, making the most of their Thursday night live Cuban jazz.