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Brisbane’s not-so-hot cross buns

It’s that time of the year when our office works itself into a frenzy over what’s essentially a tarted up bread roll. Last week we did the rounds on Brisbane’s best baked buns – and while the debate raged in the office over these fruity rounds (rolls were thrown – not going to lie), we also found ourselves a few versions of ‘not cross buns’ to stuff our faces with.
Hot cross donuts | Nodo Donuts | Newstead
Like you’d need even more of a reason to get around Nodo’s gluten free dough-lights, this year they are getting into the Easter spirit and putting a decadent twist on their doughnuts. With cinnamon spiced doughnuts, chocolate glaze and a white chocolate cross, you dough-not want to miss out.
Hot cross truffles | Couverture & Co | Red Hill
Putting the hot cross bun flavour into a bite size chocolate truffle? Genius. Couverture & Co will confuse your tastebuds with their creamy hot cross truffles, complete with a white chocolate cross on top, that taste just like the real version only chocolatier. We like to tell ourselves that they’re carb-free, because then we don’t feel so bad eating half a dozen.
Hot cross brownies | Dello Mano | New Farm
Don’t want to swap your usual morning treat of fudgy chocolate brownies for dry hot cross buns that need mountains of butter to make them palateable? Just pick up a box of Dello Mano’s hot cross bun brownies! All that luscious brownie flavour with a white chocolate cross for some Easter spirit.
Hot cross donuts | Flour & Chocolate | Morningside
Do we even need to explain why you need these in your life? Flour & Chocolate’s donut day (that’s Wednesday – they know what cures a mid-week slump) just got Easter-fied with hot cross donuts, complete with a white chocolate cross. Everything is better deep fried. Everything.
Hot cross macaron | Marche du Macaron | Gordon Park
Even the most anti-festive foodie will agree that macarons can make every occasion maca-right, and Maruche du Macaron are here to prove it with their Easter treats.  Whether you just want one, or a whole box to share (with yourself, don’t lie to us) these spiced up macarons with a white chocolate cross are perfect for any festive feast – and they’re gluten free!
Hot cross danish | Bam Bam Bakehouse | Mermaid Beach
Hot cross bun, or Danish? Por que no los dos? Bam Bam Bakehouse is letting you have the best of both worlds by combining the deliciousness of a hot cross bun and a Danish into one perfect little glazed concoction.
Hot cross bun gelato | Gelato Messina | South Brisbane
Butter is a pretty decent accompaniment for your classic hot cross bun, but the good folks at Gelato Messina are adding bits of smashed, buttered hot cross buns to hot cross bun gelato to make it even better (say hot cross bun one more time). It’ll be the raisin you smile, trust us.
Hot cross chocolates | Kokopod | Buderim
We can’t guarantee that pots of gold exist at the end of rainbows, but we can guarantee that gold coated hot cross chocolates exist at Kokopod. Buttery caramel and speculoos flavoured praline will ooze out of your first bite into this little milk chocolate delight. It’s topped off with a white cross in true hot cross bun fashion.
Easter Egg hunt cake | Chester Street Bakery & Bar | Newstead
From kids to big kids and everyone in between, Chester Street’s Easter Egg Hunt cake will be a cracking hit! This cake will provide you with all the fun and enjoyment of an egg hunt, minus the hassle. Get straight to business with a layered pink vanilla sponge cake with cookies and cream buttercream, topped with the lot – think white chocolate ganache, Oreo cookie pieces and, of course, Easter eggs. We. Are. Eggsited!
Hot cross bun ice cream | Burger Project | South Brisbane
If you love that hot cross bun flavour but your body can’t handle any more bread, hit up Burger Project for some hot cross bun ice cream. With that pure hot cross bun taste and real raisins mixed in, you’ll be ice-screaming for more. Even the chocolate hot cross buns are looking a little less delicious now, right? Words by Ranyhyn Akui and Nicole Portacha