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Brisbane’s newest garden bar

An institution admired for its all day breakfasts and delish lunchtime canteen offering, Sassafras is now officially 18 years old and legally old enough to drink! And they’re celebrating their new adulthood status just like any of us would: with craft beer, cider, and wine flowing freely every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening. Situated in Paddington, Sassafras not only knows how important a good caffeinated morning brew is, but has stocked their new garden bar with some of Brisbane’s favourite evening tipples as well. With craft beer from Newstead Brewery Co. and Green Beacon Brewing Co, and Hillbilly Cider from the heart of the Blue Mountains, the only thing you’ll be left wanting for is good company (which is generally BYO anyway). If you’re less of a brew lover and more into the grape variety, vino drinkers will love the long list of bubbles, whites, reds, and rosés, with choices ranging from the rolling vineyards of Tasmania’s Tamar Valley to the South of France (we’ll have a glass of each please!). And of course, no vine-ripened afternoon is complete without some delicious bites to get you through to that next bottle of Pinot Noir. sassafras 2With a bar menu that knows what the people want, the kitchen is dishing up a delicious selection of gourmet hot dogs, sweet potato fries (an approved form of currency here at G&G), charcuterie, and cheese platters. While the hot dogs are something to be relished – and the perfect food for a ‘ketchup’ with friends – it’s the cheese plates stacked with aged cheddar, creamy camembert, sharp stilton, and King River gold that we couldn’t brie any more in love with. Picture your pick of two (or three) handmade cheeses paired with peach and muscatel chutney, pickled figs, lavosh, and homemade bread. Now that’s an afternoon worthy of Pinterest. If you prefer your glass of bubbles with a side of crispy Belgian waffles (who could say no?), the craft beer and wine offerings also run in conjunction with the café menu from 10am everyday. Coffee with your chilli corn fritters? Leave that to the kids. Located on Paddington’s iconic Latrobe Terrace, Sassafras is open seven days for breakfast and lunch, with the garden bar open afternoons and evenings Friday through Sunday. Words by Kim Hellberg Images by Juliette Steen