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Brisbane’s newest food trucks to hunt down

secondfoodtuck-EDMOkay, so this might be not the first, not the second, but the third article we’ve written about Brisbane’s best food trucks, but that’s only because new trucks keep popping up with delicious and diverse meals on wheels for us to try! Without further ado, or further fuel usage (that stuff is expensive), we give you Brisbane’s newest food trucks to hunt down. The Doughnut Bar  Just when you thought we had enough doughnut dispensaries in Brisbane, there comes another. And it’s mobile! So far, our favourites have been the caramel pop corn, dusted with toffee and chocolate and filled with luscious vanilla cream, and the Cadbury dairy milk ganache, drizzled with lashings of honey and crumbled honeycomb Crunchy bar. Whatever you choose, you wont be doughsappointed. Where to find them: A regular at the Eat Street markets and in the CBD, The Doughnut Bar can often be found rolling around the ‘burbs too! Stalk them on their Facebook page to sniff out their sweetly sprinkled goodies. Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van  Remember standing in the queue on the sidewalk? Waiting to get up to the window, clutching that silver 50 cent piece? Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van is bringing that joy back to ice cream lovers of all ages. Your favourite ice cream is dusted off, covered in icings and toppings, and presented to you to bring you childish happiness. Where to find them You can softly serve your way over to the Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van’s  Facebook page to find out where she’s travelling, or follow her to the monthly Downey Park Food Trucks. food trucks brisbane donut time The Doughnut Time Van  Sick of those sweet, sweet balls of tasty dreams yet? I doughnut think so! Crowd favourite Doughnut Time have christened a new remember of the family: Barbara. Only slightly smaller than the Fortitude Valley store, the van sells a huge range of deliciousness in doughnut form. Where to find them While the van usually only appears at special events, you can keep track on their Facebook page. Rollin’ Fatties Po Boys  Straight from Bourbon Street, Louisiana, new kids on the block, Rollin’ Fatties Po Boys are rolling out cracking New Orleans fare. Think po’boys (deliciously saucy subs), braised brisket, mac ‘n’ cheese, jambalaya, low ’n’ slow ribs and wings of all flavours. Oh baby. Where to find them Starting their rounds through the bayous of Brisbane in the last week of July, you can find out where Rollin’ Fatties Po-Boys will be rollin’ on their Facebook page. Greek Street Kantina  Hooooly pita. Whatever financial state Greece seems to be in, Greek Street Kantina is lacking NOTHING! Lamb, pork and chicken on the spit, gyros, grilled haloumi, and succulent souvalaki are truck staples. Opa! Where to find them These Hellenic heroes are everywhere! Food Truck Laneway Sundays, Boundary Street Markets and the World Food Markets. If you’re unable to smell those drool worthy Greek aromas, have a look on their Facebook page to find out where they are today. Micasa  Now you don’t need to binge watch The O.C. for your fix of Southern Californian tastiness (just for your fix of Ryan/Marissa tastiness). That’s right, Micasa is serving up delicious and authentic Tex mex dishes. Quesadillas, popcorn chicken tacos, loaded char grilled corn, and spiced chicken with chorizo and black bean salad. Californiaaaaaa, here we coooooooome (you know the theme song, don’t make me sing alone). Where to find them Based on the coast (Caaaalifooornia), Micasa can be found at the Southport Culture Street Markets. But keep an eye on their Facebook page so you can catch them in Brisbane. food trucks brisbane mangia mangia Mangia Mangia  You know what an Italian food truck means right? Three words: Deep. Fried. Lasagne. Yeah sure, there are other delectable menu options like mama’s meatball panino, arancini balls, and tomato and mozzarella panzerotti. But guys – deep fried lasagne. That’s amore! Where to find them This Italian Stallion can often be found at Green Beacon Brewing at Teneriffe, but is also known to frequent the Finders Keepers markets at the Old Museum. Have a look at their Facebook page to suss out where they’ll pull up next! KOMA Sliders  These Korean-American fusion delicacies will have you in a food KOMA. We’re talking either epic loaded fries – or sliders. So many sliders. Our favourites so far are the honey BBQ pork belly served with sweet sesame slaw, cheese, caramelized onions, and spicy mayo, and the sliced rib eye marinated in Korean bulgogi sauce with cabbage and coriander. Where to find them Visit KOMA Sliders at Eat Street Markets, or else visit their Facebook page to find out where they are this week! So many food trucks, so little time! Words by Rebecca Grady