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Brisbane's new secret whiskey bar

While it would have sucked to live through the Prohibition Era, (what with the whole alcohol being illegal/rampant gangster violence thing) it would have been awesome to shirk the law in the name of gin, and visit a real life speakeasy.

Luckily, alcohol is no longer prohibited and we can sip all the cocktails we like. But the charm of old fashion speakeasies has sadly been lost to time… Or so we thought.

Enter Electric Avenue, Woolloongabba’s newest and funkiest restaurant and bar. These guys have already made a name for themselves with their delicious food, inventive cocktails and gorgeous decorating scheme, but those in the know are aware of a secret little gem that makes this place even more special.

Next time you’re at Electric Avenue, take a walk up the stairs and step into the antique wardrobe. You won’t end up in Narnia, but you will find yourself in Jack Rabbits Whisky Bar (even better if you ask us, no Queens trying to trick you with Turkish delight).

Walking into Jack Rabbits is like being transported back to the roaring 20’s. The furnishings are so ornate and authentic, you half expect Hemingway to come and sit beside you while broodingly drinking bourbon.

So now that you’re in on the biggest secret in town, you gotta get down to Electric Avenue. You can soak up the atmosphere of a speakeasy without having to worry about the police busting down the door.

Words by Georgia Casey