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Brisbane’s most one-of-a-kind date nights

Date Ideas Brisbane

Has the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ replaced your last five date nights? Do the tired clichés in scary movie dates terrify you more than the actual plot? Relax, Romeo. It’s time to stop splitting bills and start sharing experiences, because our list of out-of-the-box date nights is here to sweep you off your feet … but mainly just ‘cause you’ll just be so damn full.

Beer and games | Netherworld

Haven’t had much time for Pacman since Player 2 joined the game? Press the start button on a kickass date with this hybrid craft beer bar and arcade. If there’s anything that strengthens a relationship more than shouting at IKEA furniture, it’s Mario Kart.

Putt Putt and popcorn | Holey Moley

Mix a dash of cocktails with equal parts ‘ball-in-hole’ innuendos, and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a recipe for cheeky date nights at Holey Moley. Pro (golfer) tip: if you end up looking like a total spaz by hole two, just shove some popcorn in your date’s face and act surprised when the ball ‘somehow’ makes it in on your first try.

Gelato making class | La Macelleria

Sharing a single scoop? Cute, but not really our style. Spend a night with your sweetheart (and, full transparency, we’re talking about the ice cream) at La Macelleria’s gelato making workshop every Monday and Wednesday, where you’ll craft, scoop – and yes, taste – some of their most famous flavours. We’re melting already.

Chocolate walking tour | Foodi

Found someone you’re fondue of? Tell those cliché walks on the beach to take a hike – Foodi’s here to sweet-talk your date over one decadent Saturday! With a guide choc-full of knowledge on the art of chocolate making, you’ll wander to four city-based spots and sample the goods.

Latin dancing and cocktails | Cloudland

Start wiggling those hips! Cloudland pairs soul mates together for nights of Soul’Sa every Thursday. With free salsa lessons and enough margaritas to have you forgetting those two left feet, it’s time to show off those moves – or laugh off the missed steps together.

Paint and sip | Cork & Chroma

Whether you’d rather raise a wine glass or a paintbrush, South Brisbane’s Cork & Chroma has a fun-filled date night in store. For those couples wanting more of a masterpiece than the perfect pinot-adjacent cheese board, here’s the answer to ‘artfully’ sipping wine. Hey, there’s nothing we love more than a blanc canvas.

Paddle and BBQ | Riverlife

We hope you’re ready for all the relation-ship puns. Clamber onboard your two-seater kayak and set the night on course with a paddle around the Brisbane river, followed by a boozy BBQ on the riverbank. Current relationship status? Hungry. Words by Samantha Chariton Image credit: Forage & Fodder

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