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Brisbane’s most one of a kind breakfasts

We hope you’ve got an adventurous appetite, because we’re here to steer you away from the corn fritters and avo smash with a side of bacon you order every Sunday and instead get you tucking into some breakfasts with difference. But don’t worry, we’re not about to suggest anything weird and wonderful (no pickled eggs or raw liver on our plate, thanks), just a few quirky dishes that might have you giving up the avo for good.
Rogue Bar + Bistro | Newstead
We’re sure you’ve had waffles for breakfast many a time, and you might have even sampled savoury waffles. But have you had Rogue’s savoury waffles with crispy popcorn chicken, fried egg, duck fat aioli and carrot jam? If not, it’s about time you did!
IndiMex Café Bar Restaurant | Greenslopes
Never considered having Indian or Mexican for breakfast? They might just be the first cuisine you think of tomorrow morning after hearing what’s on the all-day, everyday breakfast menu here! There’s more than one to choose from, with delicious combinations like chicken tikka eggs benedict with curried hollandaise, the spicy sausage and scrambled egg tacos and an epic tostada breakfast loaded with chickpeas, mushrooms, chorizo, bacon, gilled tomato, hash browns and eggs – all of it with loads of sour cream and guacamole of course!
The Jam Pantry | Greenslopes
The Jam Pantry might just have outdone themselves with their recent Christmas menu – but that won’t stop us from visiting every time their menu boards flip this year. We’re not sure how they’ll top five fried Danish pastry rings with crème fraiche and pomegranate, but we can’t wait to find out.
south-side-breakfast-brisbane-featureSouthside Bistro | Sunnybank
Southside Bistro have been shaking up the dessert scene for a while, but now that they’re open from 7am every day, they’re giving the same treatment to breakfast! Tuck your adventurous fork into black sesame pancakes with green tea ice cream and peanut mochi balls – you can find out what those are when you get there.
Café O Mai | Annerley
The Vietnamese equivalent to savoury mince, Café O Mai’s pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce with quail eggs in a warm baguette are the breakfast you never knew you were missing. Between the soft baguette with a flaky crust and the mouthwatering meatballs, we don’t know which part we like best.
Blockhouse | Nundah
There’s always something new and intriguing on Blockhouse’s breakfast menu (we’re still hoping the breakfast ramen will make a come back), but this season it’s their avocado and bacon tacos that have us drooling. Between that and the karaage chicken waffles, we’re a little obsessed.
The Charming Squire | South Brisbane
The Monday to Friday menu at this beery spot might be full of familiar feeds, but on weekends, the head chef lets loose and brings out the big guns, with specials like mac ‘n’ cheese croissant croque madame, and pumpkin pie waffle fingers. Oh. Yeah. Are we bacon you crazy for breakfast? Words by Ranyhyn Akui