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Brisbane’s most extreme milkshakes

Thought you had to go to Sydney, or brave roundabouts and politicians in Canberra to get your hands on an extreme (read: heart attack inducing) milkshake? You thought wrong. While doughnuts are still our city’s signature treat, there’s plenty of places you can get a milkshake that will send you into sugar overload just looking at it. Chester Street | Newstead You know what’s missing from all those epic shakes down south? Tim Tams and fairy floss my friend, Tim Tams and fairy floss. Luckily, Chester Street have set things to rights with their Tim Tam Slam and a whole bunch of other fluffy sugar topped shakes, best eaten at 8 in the morning so you can take full advantage of the ensuing high. Doughnut Time | Fortitude Valley and Clayfield Take a chocolate milkshake, top it with toasted marshmallows, a brownie and even more chocolate and what do you get? Holy diabetes batman. And a s’mores shake from Doughnut Time, which we’re pretty sure is the most calories you can get it a cup. The Doughnut Bar | CBD 250g of Nutella goes into one of The Doughnut Bar’s ‘Straight out of Constance’ shakes. Last time we checked, that was an ENTIRE JAR. Think you can handle it? Probably not considering it also has a Nutella filled doughnut on top and a good swirl of whipped Nutella cream, plus a row of chocolate, just because. milkshakes The Fat Shed | Red Hill Markets Whoever it was at The Fat Shed who said ‘Hey, why don’t we put a Magnum in our shake?’ was a deadset legend. Because vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, almonds, hazelnuts, nutella rocks and fairy floss could never be enough, clearly. Miss Kay’s | CBD Extreme milkshakes with extreme names – does it get any better? It does if you get them topped up with a shot of booze. Try a Puff Daddy topped with salted caramel popcorn, or perhaps The Elvis, which comes complete with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and add alcohol to make them extra indulgent. Talk about a hangover cure. Getta Burger | Carina & Bridgeman Downs Thought donuts on a milkshake were insane? We give you: apple pie IN a milkshake. You’ll need to be ready to go when Getta Burger’s most popular special appears on the board, because you don’t want to miss this blend of apple pie and salted caramel. whiskybusinessWhisky Business | Capalaba An extreme milkshake has to have some kind of topping that makes it ‘totes ‘grammable’ and Whisky Business just about takes the cake with their Salty Caramel Macaron shake, with macarons inside AND out. Combining two sweet food trends in one? Genius. Brown Sugar Café | Victoria Point When your thickshake comes with a spoon, you know it’s going to be thick. Brown Sugar Café’s thickshakes aren’t just too thick to drink with a straw, they also come showered in whole chocolate bars. Get the Milky Wan and marshmallow or double chocolate Ferrero Rocher and you will not be needing dessert. Flute | Cooparoo For milkshakes so epic they need to be served in a pot, not a glass, Flute is the place to go. There’ll be no finishing these bad boys without a spoon (possibly a knife and fork) because they come topped with a pile of baked goodness like the brownies atop the Choc Fudge Brownie or the cookies atop the Choc Chip Cookie. little locoLittle Loco | New Farm Is this a case of copycat milkshakes? Or is this just proving that Queensland always does it better? Either way, Little Loco has found itself a new cult following with it’s Salted Caramel Loco Shake. An impressive tower of milkshake, donut, salted caramel and popcorn, you won’t just need a spoon for this decadence, you’re going to have to get hands on. Bitter Suite | New Farm Regular peanut butter milkshakes just not enough for you any more after seeing the epic goodness people are coming up with elsewhere? How about pairing it with banana or chocolate and all the Reece’s peanut butter sauce and cream you can handle, in an adorable mason jar of course. Our milkshakes are better than yours. Words by Ranyhyn Akui