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Brisbane’s most extreme milkshakes: Round #2

If you thought you’d tried every extreme milkshake in Brisbane, we are dairy, dairy sorry. Because in case you hadn’t herd, there’s a whole lot more in town, dripping with cream and chocolate and delicious enough to make you want to lick your screen. Brisbane’s milking the milkshake craze for all it’s worth – and we are over the moon about it. Dairy intolerant readers, look away now. Lindt Chocolate Shop | DFO A chocolate milkshake may sound a little tame compared to some of the epic creations popping up around town but don’t be fooled, this sweet, chocolaty drink is out of this world. Imagine a drinkable version of Lindt’s Excellence chocolate block and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. We’d even go so far as to say it’s the best in Brisbane – it’s that good. Better yet, there’s 5 other flavours to choose from. Ramekins Café | Carseldine Holy moooo-ly. Ramekins’ Snickers shake is so loaded with caramel, peanut butter, chocolate and cream you have to eat it with a spoon – there’s no sipping this bad boy. You probably don’t need to order anything else – there’s enough sugar in here to keep you going all day. Ciao Bella Italian Street Food | Hamilton You’ve seen a doughnut on a milkshake, an ice cream on a milkshake and even popcorn on a milkshake, but now, Ciao Bella are putting, well, pretty much everything else on a milkshake. Cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, pretzels, candy, muffins – you name it, it’s on one of their epic shakes. Try the Mars Smash and await the sugar coma. brisbane milkshakes 2Secret Trees Coffee | Robertson Village We can see why south siders have kept this cosy spot a secret for so long – they want to keep their candy coloured milkshakes all to themselves! But it’s a secret no longer – and neither is the fact that you can get fairyfloss on your strawberry milkshake if you so desire. And not just a little bit – like AN ENTIRE CLOUD. Milk Café | Ashgrove Sprinkles? Marshmallows? Stripy straws? Oh Milk, you a-mooo-se the inner child in us with your decadent shakes! And also totally appease our very grown up sweet cravings with flavours like Musk Marshmallow, Chocolate River Peanut Butter and Turkish Delight. Let Minnow Cafe | Clayfield Want an excuse to have a milkshake every weekend? How about a new and more extreme flavour every week? Will it be minty fresh, berry Cherry Ripe or something s’more? Only one way to find out – stop by and check out the specials board! Café Noma | Wavell Heights When you put a deer named Cecil in charge of creating milkshakes, you wind up with an epic chocolate creation called Dat Chocolate Doe, complete with wafer biscuits on top. We’re thinking it wasn’t milk that Cecil had on his mind. You could ask him – but he doesn’t talk much. Too busy drinking milkshakes. NKB Express | Indooroopilly Retro American diner NKB Express likes to take milkshakes back to their roots when it comes to their dairy-lightful treat, boasting flavours like Hershey’s chocolate and Oreo. But for a shake that’s truly the milk to your cookie, add malt and make it a thickshake. So don’t be drawing the shorter straw with a boring milkshake and treat yourself. Words by Sarah Nguyen