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Brisbane’s most exotic cocktails

Whether we’re toting an Aperol Spritz on a warm afternoon or a dynamo margarita after dinner, it’s no secret that we love our cocktails at the G&G. And in our search for Brisbane’s best (admittedly hampered by constant returns to the dance floor), we’ve rounded up some boozy beverages that aren’t just one-way sips. Check out these ‘round the world concoctions at Brisbane cocktail bars ready to fulfil your love of drinking and travelling in one delicious hit.
Mecca Bah | Fortitude Valley
Even if we weren’t already won over by the fact that Mecca Bah has managed to turn a few of our favourite desserts into cocktails (Baked Apple Pie? Marshmallowtini? Yes please!), their Arabian Nights inspired delights would have us there in a heartbeat. The Turkish Delight Martini is a long standing fave, but be sure to check out their take on classics like the Pomegranate Mojito and Moroccan Collins.
Kwan Brothers | Fortitude Valley
Kwan of us, Kwan of us! This Valley eatery loves its cocktails as much as we do. Explore Asia with the Kwan-Tiki Mai Tai, a boozy blend of Jamaican rum, pecan honey orgeat, pineapple, lime, curacao, chocolate bitters, and (raise your hands) more rum.
Lychee Lounge | West End
The sky’s the limit at this creative cocktail spot. Well, more accurately, the floor’s the limit – particularly when you’re going strong with the Chai Old Cuban. The master bartenders mix this martini style with Bacardi 8, house made chai syrup, mint, lime, house bitters and cava charge. We’ll be in the corner with a few of these and some charcuterie.
Maker | South Brisbane
With space for a mere 18 people, Maker will have you intimately engaging with your next round of cocktails. Take a few friends to this secret hideaway of crafty cocktails and enter an all-new sensory experience with your boozy beverage. From martinis chilled by nitrogen to whiskey poured over beeswax, every inch of this hole-in-the-wall spot is next-level exotic.
Emporium Bar | Fortitude Valley
After learning from some of Japan’s top bar wizards, Emporium Hotel’s head bartender is crafting Japanese inspired cocktails like the Ginger Geisha, mixed with Havana Club 3 white spiced rum, ginger, coconut, Mozart white cacao, and black sesame. We’re halfway out the door with our kimono and a taste for sushi. exotic-cocktails-brisbane-libertine
Libertine | Petrie Terrace
Knock out two exotic locales in one go with Libertine’s fused French Vietnamese flavours. Shared banquets are recommended, but you’ll have to bargain with at least one of your BBQ duck crepes to make us share the Vietnamese lemonade’s mix of vodka, lemon juice and Vietnamese mint leaves.
Ginger’s Diner | Brisbane
We make no apologies for the MASH theme song running through your head for the rest of the day. Brisbane’s only Korean MASH inspired diner is dishing up themed cocktails from way-back-when and across the pond. Pick up a Yuzu mule, a combo of vodka, orange, honey, lime, yuzu and ginger.
Sake | Brisbane
Just like its Eagle Street home, the Japanese Pink Blossom cocktail at Sake is elegant and beautiful. Come for the sashimi, stay late and call an Uber for the mix of strawberries, umeshu, cranberry juice, passionfruit and lime.
Chop Chop Chang’s | West End
Tarzan wouldn’t have swung through the trees quite so effortlessly after a few of the Vietnamese coffee martinis at Chop Chop Changs. With Vietnamese coffee, Kahlua, white crème de cacao and condensed milk, we’re starting to wonder if King Kong had a few of these before tackling the Empire State Building.
Jungle | West End
Welcome to the Jungle. You’ll find that island getaway you’ve been dreaming of inside Brisbane’s only Tiki Bar. With plenty of fruity Caribbean cocktails to tickle your fancy, we’ll leave you to find your own favourite – in island time, of course.
Chingon | Brisbane
Brisbane’s newest Mexican spot won’t just have you dancing with the devil – it’ll have you drunkenly show off your best moves while you’re at it. Turn to El Diablo once the taco cravings subside and sip on Olmeca Altos Plata, crème de cassis, fresh lime juice and ginger beer, mixed and served on the rocks. Optimists believe the glass is half full. Pragmatists believe the glass is half filled with a cocktail. Words by Samantha Chariton Images by Judit Losh