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Brisbane’s most epic sweet treats

Diabetics, look away now. In fact, unless you’re the type who could happily eat ice cream for breakfast, this list is probably not for you. But if you’re ready to throw out all the silly rules like ‘everything in moderation,’ and ‘eat dinner first,’ it’s time to give in to sugary bliss and eat your entire week’s calorie intake in one sitting with the most epic desserts Brisbane has to offer.
That Little Place | Mt Gravatt
Ever wanted to know just how much decadence you can fit into a brownie? You can find out at That Little Place, where their epic brownies come triple choc, filled with everything from Bounty chocolate bars, to peanut butter and Oreos, and topped with Nutella and even more chocolate, plus the odd biscuit or two. You’ll have to stop in to find out just what the flavour of the day is!
Southside Bistro | Sunnybank
You’ve heard of a waffle cone, you’ve heard of a doughnut cone – now wrap your hands around a puffle cone! These epic creations involve freshly cooked egg waffles wrapped around ice cream and all manner of other sweet ingredients, with flavours that change every week. The most recent creation was a coconut puffle stuffed with brownie crumble, Nutella ganache, white chocolate panna cotta, berry compote and green tea pocky – talk about worth the drive.
Ze Pickle | Fortitude Valley
Don’t worry if you can’t hold back a little moan when Ze Pickle’s Oreogazm lands in front of you – we’re pretty sure they’re used to it. In fact, the claim has been made that these oreos deep fried in doughnut batter and piled with ice cream and liquid Nutella are better than sex – but we’ll let you be the judge of that one.
Sweet Wrapture | Markets
People who see a waffle and think ‘That would make a great taco,’ are seriously underappreciated people in our books. Where are their Nobel Prizes, their Olympic medals for services to mankind? We’ll just have to show our thanks by ordering two of their ice cream, fruit, marshmallow and chocolate stuffed waffle tacos.
The Doughnut Bar | CBD
How do you eat a doughnut and ice cream cone at the same time? You go and get one of The Doughnut Bar’s hand rolled brioche doughnut cones filled with luscious soft serve, of course! Or get one of their doughcones stuffed with ice cream. Or get a cronut cone. These guys are just all about making double desserts achievable, you know?
Dello Mano | CBD & Newstead
Any visit to Dello Mano is bound to be a gay time (happy, guys, happy), but dig a spoon into one of their mini Golden Gaytime cakes with caramel mud cake sandwiched together with vanilla custard frosting, liquid caramel and ginger cookies and you’ll take things to the next level. You can even order a group sized one for festive occasions! Or you know, just sitting at home in your ‘jamas.
Cowch | South Bank
You’ll need to get a little naked for this dessert, but before you start taking off your pants, we should probably tell you we’re talking about naked ice cream pops. Why are they naked, you ask? Because you get to dress them up, with your choice of ice cream flavours, chocolate coating, and extra toppings. They suggest 3 toppings – we take that as a challenge and pick at least 7.
Lick! Ice Cream | Graceville
You don’t say a regular old ‘hi,’ or ‘g’day,’ to Lick!’s signature chocolate dessert – you say Hellooooo Chocolate! Fudgy chocolate brownie, ice cream, more ice cream, even more ice cream (just for good measure), chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of cocoa make us never want to say goodbye.
Mister Fitz | Various
Regular ice cream sandwiches at Mister Fitz are for amateurs. If you’re a dessert lover at a more professional level, you’ll want to take on the ultimate challenge: one half brownie, one half frozen cookie dough, ice cream in the middle, and all of the toppings you can handle on top. Be warned – even we have yet to finish this monster on our lonesome.
World Famous Funnel Cakes | Eat Street Markets
World Famous Funnel Cakes laugh at those who combine only two desserts – because they’ve managed to combine four. Part donut, part churro, part waffle, part ice cream sundae, it’s deep fried, damn delicious and comes in every flavour from cookie dough to Tim Tam. PSA: They’ve also just introduced a funnel cake taco. You’re welcome. Just don’t tell your dentist. Words by Ranyhyn Akui