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Brisbane’s most decadent breakfasts

Because your mother always said that ‘breakfast is the most important meal,’ it would totally make sense that the first meal of the day we put in our mouths is the most hearty (by hearty we mean filling, and by filling we mean CARBS), right? So if you are after a post about chia puddings or porridge in Brisbane, look away – you won’t find any of that in here! Instead, we’ve hunted down the richest, carbiest, most decadent breakfasts that will be sure to prepare you for the day. Literally. Because you probably won’t need to eat for the rest of the day.
The Charming Squire | South Brisbane
Now, The Charming Squire’s hotcake stack piled with passionfruit curd, mascarpone, brulee almonds and honeycomb is drool-inducing enough, but it’s their wildly creative breakfast specials that really get our hearts racing. Last week it was peanut butter and jelly banana bread with peanut butter sauce and bacon brittle, next week, who knows!
Ginger & Green | South Brisbane
 Bacon and potatoes. Breakfast of champions. At least, it is when it’s Ginger & Green’s crispy potato skins, filled with tender shredded pulled beef, bacon jam, cheesy gorgonzola, shards of crispy prosciutto, and two fried eggs.
Artie and Mai | Albion
Buzzing with comminty vibes on the hustle and bustle of Sandgate Road is this cosy Albion café. Our phat pick is their banana French toast, with salted caramel, tomato jam and wait for it, CANDIED BACON ICE CREAM. Um yes, we will take an extra scoop. brisbane breakfasts decadent elixir
Elixir Coffee | Stafford
Not only are these guys connoisseurs when it comes to their coffee beans, they can make a damn good hearty breakfast. Their Bounty pancakes are fluffy pancakes drizzled with house-made Nutella ganache, chocolate crumble and a generous sprinkle of toasted coconut. Pretty much a Bounty chocolate bar. As big as your face. On a plate.
Piggy Back Café | Jindalee
Piggy Back? More like pig out! The diet-busting pick over here has got to be their red velvet French toast, with a generous raspberry cream cheese filling and chocolate sauce. Our body is ready.
Delfina’s Bistro | Fortitude Valley
Jam doughnuts for breakfast. Need we say more? Well actually – we do. Because this is a plate of deep fried doughnut ice cream, tossed with cinnamon sugar, and loaded up with a hot jam injection. Our summer body might just have to go on hold for another year. What do you mean that’s not quite what you meant, mum? Words by Anita Siek