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Brisbane’s healthiest summer desserts

Sick of spending summer in an endless cycle of ice cream inhalation (quickly followed by the foetal position of regret)?

We’ve gotta think of the beach bods, after all, so for foodie cool-downs that don’t take 20 laps in the pool to work off, check out these healthy summer savers.


Whipping yourself into shape? Step away from the celery – you can still enjoy the finer (ie: chocolaty) things in life with Cocowhip, a soft serve ice cream with less than 90 calories per serve. Nope, it’s not witchcraft – just coconut water. With jaw-dropping bowls of sticky date, nutella, and death by chocolate sundaes, this cool down king is friendly to gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and organic diets.


Don’t mourn your missed mango Weis bars, friends. For your summertime sanity, Cocobliss has invented a ‘Mango Weis’ superfood bowl, crammed with organic acai, muesli, coconut yoghurt, fresh mango, coconut flakes, and pomegranate garnish. Intrigued? The bowl’s in your court now.


Doughnuts for breakfast? That’s a concept we’re sweet on. The doughnuts from Nodo are either baked fresh daily or dehydrated for nine hours, naturally gluten free and sweetened with coconut nectar and maple syrup. Choose from flavours like strawberry hazelnut, rocky rose and raspberry white chocolate and feel smug that you are automatically superior to everyone else eating ‘regular’ doughnuts.

Words by Words by Samantha Chariton and Emma Callaghan
- gourmands who scream for nice-cream.