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Brisbane’s healthiest meal delivery

Making a new year’s resolution to eat healthier is all well and good, but that resolve to ditch the chips and burgers for quinoa and green smoothies is probably going to last about as long as it takes you to realise how much meal prep infringes on your ‘me’ time. If just looking at your shopping list of unpronounceable ingredients and more green vegetables than you probably ate over the whole of December is making you want to order a pizza, we’ve found a few peeps doing healthy meal delivery Brisbane wide, so you don’t have to do any cooking at all.


With a rotating menu of delicious paleo-friendly deliverables with an exotic twist, as well as some comfortable classics, Caveman Kitchen is eager to please. With 45 meals to choose from, you can take a trip to Thailand, end the day with some Mexican or get wrapped up in a classic roast dinner. Regardless of what you decide, Caveman is here to ensure you get your hands on some healthy happiness, without setting foot in your kitchen.


For home delivered meals that will make you feel healthier just looking at them, look no further than Wholesomeness. With gluten and dairy free delights to get your diet (and waistline) back on track, even the most limited of lunch fans will find themselves loving life. With a variety of meal plans to help you revitalise you, click your way over to a plethora of healthy possibilities. Did we mention the cold press juice collection too?


Not content with just healthifying our lunch hour from their CBD spot, Thr1ve are now offering healthy meal delivery Brisbane wide packed with protein, good fats and gluten free grains to our door. Meat lovers will drool over their beef cheeks with cauliflower rice to slow cooked brisket with sweet potato mash, but don’t worry, there’s vego options too.

Five Point Four

Whether you’re looking to fit into those summer shorts again or you’re shredding for weekend surf trips, Five Point Four has the healthy meal deliver plan for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – it’s all taken care of without so much as a lick of effort (except for the gym sessions). Bonus, it’s all snap frozen, so if you add in a cheat day (and you know you will), you can save it for another day.

Fresh Meals 2 U

Well, it’s all in the name really. If you’re sick of the delights that frozen meals bring (half-frozen one mouthful, burning pain the next), switch to the fresh kind, with everything from leafy salads to tender beef fillet on the menu. These guys started out in the kitchen at a Gold Coast restaurant, so you know you’re going to get some good quality healthy meal delivery, Brisbane. Supermodel body, come at us! Words by Ranyhyn Akui