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Brisbane’s greenest breakfast Buddha bowls

Salad for breakfast? Normally the thought would have us reaching hysterically for the nearest bottle of maple syrup. However, with the popularity of paleo and clean eating showing no signs of slowing down, we (begrudgingly) took some time off from waffles to get back in touch with some Brisbane hangouts that have been hard at work redefining our relationship with all things green. So, let’s take a moment out of our busy day to get spiritual with a selection of Brisbane’s best Buddha bowls. Shall we chant? Yummm.
Nodo Donuts | Teneriffe
Didn’t even know Nodo dished up anything other than their addictive baked donuts? Well, turns out they dish up an equally addictive breakfast green bowl, one packed with quinoa, crunchy kale, almonds, avocado, soft eggs and currants.
Wild Canary | Brookfield
Tucked away in the lush tropical surrounds of Brookfield’s Garden Centre, Wild Canary is buzzing away serving up a healthy dose of yum in the form of their breakfast Buddha bowl where spiced chickpeas, zucchini, activated sprouts and pickled carrot kraut meet are tossed together with garden greens and black tahini dressing.
Thr1ve | CBD
Just call us ‘Sam I am’ because it turns out we do like green eggs – especially when they’re being served up at Post Office Square’s health food sanctuary Thr1ve. A haven for the health conscious and the hungry alike, this little happy little corner spot is dishing up paleo cuisine that’s proving to be anything but ordinary. We just can’t go past the green scrambled eggs with smashed peas, avocado, super greens, pesto and chives.
Pineapple Express | James Street
Looking for James Street’s tastiest way to start the day? Well then mission a-corn-plished! The crew from Pineapple Express are bringing their A game to the table with a vegan burrito bowl so good, we can almost forgive them for the lack of bacon. Fuel up for the weekend ahead (or undo a little of last night’s damage) with roasted sweet potato, radish, beetroot, edamame and smoky charred corn. Be still our beet-ing hearts!
Darling & Co | Paddington
If looks could kale then you’d be right in the firing line with this trendy little number from the crew at Darling & Co. It’s no wonder the well-heeled have been flocking to heal their hangovers with their signature breakfast green bowl that comes perfectly accessorised with poached eggs, haloumi, kale, avocado, mushrooms and wild rice. Darling, shall we?
Putia Pure Food | Banyo
It’s a cooking school, it’s a café, it’s a sweet coffee stop and we reckon if you ask it nicely it could probably come home with you and change that busted lightbulb you’ve been meaning to fix for months. The only real question that remains – is there anything Putia Pure Food doesn’t do? We’ll leave you to mull that over while you snack away at their exceptional MYO Buddha bowls from the chef’s weekly seasonal selection.
Suburban | West End
While the premises might be a touch on the ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ scale, we assure you that when it comes to the art of the green bowl, this streetwise West End local is worth its weight in 24 carrot gold! We’re talking roast pumpkin, cauliflower, grains, hummus, sauerkraut all topped off with a generous serve of pickled radish. How radishing!
Locavore | Wooloongabba
It doesn’t matter if you’re a carnivore, an herbivore or an omnivore, everybody is flocking to Locavore at Wooloongabba for their daily breakfast green bowl fix. Full to the brim with free range poached eggs, raw seasonal greens, biodynamic brown rice and fresh avocado, it’s enough to transform any health food nay-sayer into a lean green fighting machine. Hey we just met you, and this is crazy, but we’re hooked on green bowls, so kale us maybe? Words by Rachel Murphy