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Brisbane’s fruitiest sangria

When Spanish food is good, it’s great. When Spanish food is out of this world, it’s probably the sangria. Sign on for spices, fresh fruit, and your weekly wine intake: we’ve uncorked our hard-earned research skills (AKA drunken discoveries) on top sangria sips to go with your tapas, Brisbane.

The Sangria Bar | South Bank

Considering it’s their namesake, you not be surprised to hear that that The Sangria Bar mixes up not one but seven varieties of sangria. Yes, we said seven. Wine stop at trying just one? Order a flight of four flavours and expand your repertoire.

Bistro Alegria | Milton

There’s no doubt about it, the best sangria can always be found at spots with the scrumptious tapas and Spanish fare to match – which is just what you’ll find at Bistro Alegria. Pour yourself a glass of spicy red or white house made sangria from their one litre jugs (to share, guys), sit back and enjoy a charcuterie board while you wait for it to warm you up from head to toe.

Peasant | Petrie Terrace

If you can make it through a trip to Peasant without begging for the super secret sangria recipe, you’re stronger than us. Peasant’s red and white sangrias are famous throughout town for a reason – and just a heads up, it comes in glasses or carafes: you’ll want the carafe.

Riverbar & Kitchen | CBD

Sangria snobs might want to turn away – Riverbar adds a little twist on the classic Spanish recipe. With a passionfruit sangria set to serve 3 or 4 (and no, that’s not a challenge), you’ll be sipping away at a mix of vodka, elderflower, white wine, citrus, lemonade and seasonal fruit.

Villa Maria | Camp Hill

The saving grace of this Camp Hill spot is the sheer amount of tacos available to soak up your sangria-addled thoughts. Order the red, white, or non-alcoholic (designated drivers deserve sangria too, OK?).

Beach Burrito Co | West End

When every Sunday sesh is dedicated to jugs of red wine sangria, you know you’re in good hands. The definition of wining and dining has officially been changed to ‘holding a burrito in one hand and some sangria in the other’.

The Regatta Hotel | Toowong

Whether you’re pairing the day’s sips with crispy fish tacos or the less-traditional cheesy pizza, it doesn’t matter at this Brisbane icon: no matter what’s beside it, their sangria makes the prettiest pitcher we’ve ever seen.

Chingon | CBD

With a name that’s slang for badass, it’s go hard or go home at this Mexican joint – and if you order the sangria, you’re going pretty hard. The only danger? You won’t notice it until you wind up dancing on the bar at Brooklyn Standard next door 2 hours later.

SKA Sangria

Resist the urge to riot, but we’re about to throw a cog in the works. SKA’s pre-mixed sangria is bottled in Brisbane and is currently selling at over 20 Brisbane venues and bottle-shops. That’s right – you can take the fiesta home, folks. Can you let our boss know we’ll be late tomorrow? Words by Samantha Chariton

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