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Brisbane’s fruitiest pineapple fried rice

Sure, it’s a controversial pizza topping but when it comes to pineapple, we say the more the tastier. Sweet or savoury, we’re always fans of the tropical taste, but pineapple fried rice holds a very special place in our hearts – and not just because it’s so ridiculously good looking when it comes in an actual pineapple.
Siam Pagoda | Clayfield
The regulars at Siam Pagoda will know all about their secret menu – one that includes pineapple fried rice overflowing with juicy chunks of pineapple and topped with fresh prawns. We could practically eat it as a main all on its own – but then we’d be missing out on their seriously delicious curries and stir-fries.
Phat Elephant | CBD
Phat Elephant may be the new kid not the block when it comes to CBD dining, but with 99 Thai street food dishes on the menu, it’s fast become a favourite. While there’s some stiff competition, the pineapple fried rice, pretty as it is delicious, is our top pick. Well, that and at least 23 other dishes.
District 1 | Fortitude Valley
Seafood and pineapple, a tropical match made in heaven. Treat your tastebuds to a holiday in the sun with District 1’s seafood pineapple fried rice. Packed with tiger prawns, squid, char sui, egg, veggies and jasmine rice, all served in a pineapple, we only wish we could get a matching cocktail.
Kwan Brothers | Fortitude Valley
Did we say we wish for a pineapple cocktail to go with our pineapple fried rice? Well that’s just what you can get at Kwan Brothers! Dig a fork into a pineapple filled with garlic, chilli, spring onion and cashews and stick a straw into Kwan’s Coco Loco with rum, coconut, lime, pineapple and coconut water (ok, it comes in a coconut, not a pineapple, but who’s counting?).
Siam Square | New Farm
Paired with prawns and egg, Siam Square’s pineapple fried rice shows exactly why this dish is a signature. Quit planning that Phuket holiday and just head to New Farm to treat your tastebuds to an authentic feed. Don’t pine for a fruity dinner at the best Thai restaurants Brisbane has to offer! Words by Georgia Tyler Image by Judit Losh