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Brisbane's first cat cuddle cafe

If you’re like us and are frantically pawing your money together to grab a Jetstar Japan sale because duh, Japanese cat cafes, boy have we got news for you. No need to move meowtains to visit one anymore, Brisbane has finally joined the cat craze and opened its very own Cat Cuddle Cafe in Red Hill. (Un)officially dubbed the happiest place on Earth, the cafe has opened its paws for those wanting to get their cat fix and those who just want bragging rights from this oddly satisfying expurrience. Unlike other cat cafes around the world, all cats are rescue cats from Pussies Galore and will be up for adoption for the seriously committed crazy cat-lady and cat-gent. The concept is simple: patrons pay $10 per hour to play with the highly-trained cats in the lounge playroom, sip on teas and catta-cinos and nibble on kibble like Cloverly cupcakes and bliss balls. Maybe you just want a head scratch with your coffee, maybe you’re looking to adopt a cat, either way, the Cat Cuddle Café is the purr-fect place for you. So if you feline like being part of the cafe’s rescue mission, head to their website and make a booking for one-on-many kitty therapy, it’s meow or never. Furreal though. Words by Sarah Nguyen