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Brisbane's Easter seafood roundup

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Easter – the holiday that makes you crave two things and two things only: choccy, and the freshest seafood in Brissie (but also naps).

As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea – but not all of them are worth casting out your line for. With this in mind, we’ve fished around for Brisbane’s best to save you from drowning in disappointment.

From oysters to swordfish and everything in between, you’ll be swimming in options for Brisbane’s most brilliant seafood.

The Fishery | Milton

After you’re done with a few dozen at The Fishery, you’ll be craving more than just an oyster fix. With shellfish straight from Australia’s freshest regions like Coffin Bay, there’s nothing that’ll turn you on for the taste of seafood more than a quick trip to Milton’s favourite fishmongers. Don’t come the raw prawn on Good Friday, place your order ahead of time or you’ll be swimming upstream trying to explain yourself. Call (07) 3369 4707 to get ahead!

Byblos | Hamilton

The Lebanese have mastered the art of great seafood thanks to having the sea on their doorstep, so it’s safe to say that a trip to Byblos is the next best thing to a European trip packed with fintastic seafood. Dive into a bowl of their tender, Greek-style calamari, or juicy buttered chilli prawns for a fresh time.


Luxe Emporium Hotel South Bank is helping you get your fishy fix on Good Friday. A stunning three-course menu paired with a glass of Mumm Cordon Rouge awaits from 11:30am-2:30pm, with three hours worth of Moreton Bay bugs, marinated shell scallops and freshly shucked Sydney Rock oysters plus much more in store. You’ll be sitting sky-high at The Terrace, overlooking everyone having a v. average Friday. Find out more and get tickets here.

Ol’ School | South Brisbane

You’d be flippin’ mad not to try Ol’ Schools famous swordfish katsu. Crumbed swordfish with red cabbage, lemon and miso mustard pairs perfectly with a pre-batched Cosmopolitan and a scoop of their rustic chippies!

Darling & Co | Paddington

Carbs, clams and calamari – the holy seafood trinity. Darling & Co. dishes up the best seafood and chorizo risotto with Cone Bay barramundi, Cloudy Bay clams, calamari, banana prawns, chorizo, saffron and chilli, bringing the heat to your Easter feasting.

Riverbar & Kitchen | CBD

Seafood by the water is a classic Aussie combo. Take the bait and treat yourself to a prawn bun at Eagle Street’s finest – Riverbar & Kitchen. Sick of buns? Bass okay. Hook into kingfish ceviche, crispy fried calamari, or even crab linguini with chilli, garlic and tomato.

The Fish House | Burleigh Heads

Snapper up some of the best gourmet seafood at The Fish House in Burleigh Heads and explore all that the sea has to offer with dishes like the Patagonian toothfish, or the blue-eye trevalla. If you’re fishing for likes, their meals are totally Instagram worthy.

Oh my cod, what a list!

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand doesn't believe in scaling back Easter celebrations