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Brisbane's Coolest Summer Desserts

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Summer Desserts Brisbane

Let’s face it, summer is pretty gosh darn hot.

And by hot, we mean that stepping outside is a death sentence, your steering wheel is suddenly made of lava, and fans are liars. Your room is just as hot as before, but now slightly breezy.

Anyway, we love summer – but just to be safe, here are some seasonal desserts to keep you cool.

Pina Colada | Vintaged Bar + Grill

We’re not caught in the rain, we’re just profusely sweating at the thought of coconut ice cream on a bed of pineapple and cherries. But this is no simple dessert; this creation is on some Heston Blumenthal level of artistry, with the coconut ice cream enclosed in a chocolate shell to look like an actual coconut. Yum.

Passione | Otto Ristorante

So you’ve left your thongs at home, and now you’re faced with a shimmering road of asphalt and weeks of regret. Time heals all burns, but the Passione dessert from Otto will make you forget all about it, with Valrhona passionfruit chocolate, banana gelato, and caramelised white chocolate.

Naked Pops | Cowch

We’re all about their dessert cocktails, but Cowch’s naked pops are real show-stoppers. After you’ve chosen your pop flavour from a selection of everything from vanilla to bubble gum, you just need to choose your chocolate, and two types of toppings. Magnum who?

Desserts Brisbane

Watermelon Soft Serve | Double Good

A huge slice of watermelon is a healthy summer snack, right? Add an equally healthy serving of watermelon soft serve into the mix, and you’ve got a colourful dessert that looks just as good as it tastes. You’ll almost believe it’s good for you.

Puffle | Hello Mr Frankie

I scream, you scream, we all scream because the sun is burning us at an alarming rate (the writer may or may not be a ginger). If ice cream is your jam, stop by Hello Mr Frankie for an indulgent experience of egg waffle cones with your choice of base, soft serve, and toppings.

Parfait | Sonder Dessert

They say you’re born twice, the second after your fist bite of matcha asaka parfait from Sonder. These gorgeous treats are filled to the brim with matcha agar jelly, sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, cornflakes, matcha ice cream, red bean paste, and rice flour dumplings, but if matcha isn’t your cup of tea, they’ve got three other flavours that’ll tickle your fancy.

Popcorn Brulée | Rogue Bistro

We’re going completely rogue with our diets. Indulge in candied popcorn with a strawberry salad and mint semifreddo, but why use regular cutlery when you can have your (chocolate) spoon, and eat it too.  

The weather’s getting spicy, it’s time to chill out.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who can't even look outside without getting burnt.