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Brisbane's cheesiest dishes

Cheese! That got your attention, didn’t it? Yup, there’s not much that can focus the mind like the promise of cheesy goodness. It’s the glue that holds our soul together most weeks, and there’s no situation in life that can’t be improved by a big wedge of stinky blue. If your one and only resolution this year was to eat more cheese, we have just the list for you, full of the cheesiest dishes in Brisbane. And if you don’t think our puns are very mature, well frankly, we don’t give edam. We know they’ll get better with age. #1. French Martini | South Brisbane | Baked camembert. Ooey, gooey, rich and creamy, this wheely delicious baked camembert with crispy baguette sticks is one you’ll never forget! #2. Yard Bird Alehouse | Fortitude Valley & Paddington | Chilli cheese fries. Holy loaded fries Batman! Chilli con carne, Southwest sauce, and shoestring fries do the job pretty edam well. #3. At Sixes and Sevens | Fortitude Valley | Three cheese croquettes. You’ll want more than just seconds of these cheesy bad boys – you’ll want sevenths! #4. Red Hook | CBD| Cheese and bacon fries. If cheese had best friends, they would be deep-fried potato and bacon. Don’t let your cheese be lonely. #5. Coppa Spuntino | CBD | Burrata. This Italian eatery calls their buttery ball of oozy cheese ‘burrata.’ We call it ‘belissimo.’ #6. Moga | Paddington | Deep-fried camembert. The fact this gooey deep-fried camembert is being served at a Japanese restaurant is proof that cheese overcomes all hurdles. #7. Fish Lane Bistro | South Brisbane | Blue cheese soufflé. No one could feel blue with this fluffy soufflé covered in walnuts and figs in front of them. #8. Buffalo Bar | Brisbane | The Mac Doggy. The ketchup and mustard debate can end: the mac daddy of all hot dogs is actually wrapped in fried mac ‘n’ cheese. #9. Julius Pizzeria | South Brisbane | Ricotta fritters. Sorry pizza, but it’s tough to beat fried cheese, especially when it’s ricotta dumplings filled with Nutella. #10. Stoke Bar | South Bank | Crunchy parmesan sticks. Crunchy cheese sticks dipped in a beery cheese sauce? Are we being paranoid or are these guys do their market research on us? #11. Brooklyn Depot | South Bank | Mac ‘n’ cheese. If there’s one thing the USA does best, it’s a classic mac ‘n’ cheese. Barring a reaaaally long commute, this is gonna be your best bet for truly ‘murican macaroni. #12. Morning After | West End | Cheesy croquettes. Who says cheese isn’t for breakfast? You don’t need that kind of negative thinking in your life. These manchego croquettes beat avo on toast any day. #13. PJ’s Steaks | West End | Chilli cheesesteak. PJ’s really spoils for choice, with a massive selection of cheesesteaks to pick from, but it’s their chilli version that feeling gouda. #14. Super Whatnot | CBD | Brazilian cheese bread. These soft-and-cheesy bread balls with have you dancing the samba in joy – and then ordering another serve. brisbanes cheesiest dishes miss kays #15. Miss Kay’s | CBD | Mac Daddy. You know what your burgers have always been missing? A big hunk of mac ‘n’ cheese. #16. The Cheese Pleaser | Roaming | Cheese toastie. A market stall dedicated to all things cheese? Sounds like our kind of stop! And there’s no walking past their blue cheese, green pear and smoky bacon toastie. #17. The Defiant Duck | Newstead | Deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls. For those who pine for mac ‘n’ cheese between meals, there’s now a fried snacking equivalent. What a quacker of an idea! #18. Hatch & Co | Newstead | Fried goats cheese. Crispy meets creamy in this sweet, cheesy side-dish. #19. Popolo | South Bank | Quattro formaggio pizza. Cheese equals good, so as logical mathematicians we confirmed (with our mouths) that this four cheese pizza is four times as good as a margarita! #20. Corbett & Claude | Brisbane | DIY cheese board. No more Swiss cheese pushed to the unwanted side of the board – pile this bad-boy high with all the bries, fettas and vintage cheddars you could ever want! #21. DA’Burger | New Farm | Vegie burger. If chickpea patties are the ‘good’ way to be vego, we kinda wanna be bad, and pile our burger with grilled haloumi cheese instead. #22. Sorellina | Woolloongabba | Crumbed mozzarella bites. For the cheese-lover whose addiction can’t be quenched with just pizza, grab some crumbed bites to start – they’re mozzar-hella good! #23. Pepe’s Mexican | Newmarket | Jalapeño poppers. Take a jalepeno, stuff it with cream cheese, crumb it and deep fry it and you’ll be in cheese heaven! #24. Nantucket Kitchen & Bar | Indooroopilly | Poutine French fries. Cheese curds, rich veal just and crispy French fries? Oh Canada, you’ve been keeping this from us for far too long! #25. Moose & Gibson | Woolloongabba | Croque monsieur. This is no regular toastie. With gruyere and red cheddar melted together with leg ham and salad greens, it’s the cheese-all-and-end-all to mid-morning hanger. Are you guys feta’p with our cheese puns yet? Well good, because there’s no whey we could come up with any more. Ok, we’re done. Words by Samantha Chariton