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Brisbane's cheesiest carbonara

Do we have any health food lovers in the audience tonight? Then it might be time to avert your eyes because this article is about as diet friendly as Elvis Presley circa 1977. Yes ladies and gentleman it’s pasta time we paid homage to the ultimate Italian comfort food. The bacon laden, cream coated, spaghetti masterpiece sometimes known as carbonara, other times known as ‘incoherent drooling’. So, accept no im-pastas, these local Italian restaurants are serving up the real deal with Brisbane’s best carbonaras. Don’t be afraid to get comfortable, these meals are worth undoing a button for.
Il Verde | King Street
Does the thought of hand cut spaghetti, lovingly tossed inside an enormous wheel of Parmagianno Reggiano get you excited? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question then Il Verde’s ‘Take the Wheel’ night is right up your alley. If you answered ‘no’ then we seriously recommend you revaluate your values.
Casa Nostra | Fortitude Valley
Carbo-neera, carbo-fara, carbo-wherever-you-ara we believe that our hearts will go on thanks to Casa Nostra’s take on this classic. But we warned, after a double helping of their pancetta and shaved truffle egg loaded Spaghetti Casa Nostra you might find yourself sinking like the Titanic.
1889 Enoteca | Woolloongabba
While she might be a touch on the fancy side, when it comes to nailing Italian home style comfort classics, even 1889 Enoteca would forgive you for wanting to put your elbows on the table for this dish. Think smoked pork jowl, Parmagianno Regggiano and silky egg.
Pane e Vino | CBD
Rescuing ravenous office workers from their hunger daily, Pane e Vino’s fettucine carbonara is like a creamy, mascarpone covered superhero in disguise. With pancetta, free range egg yolk, white wine and pecorino pepato, it’s the Superman to our Lois Lane, the Spiderman to our Mary Jane, the Deadpool to our chimichanga.
Spaghetti House | South Bank
Spaghetti House – the name says it all doesn’t it? I mean we could go on and on about their creamy sauce with pancetta and parmigianno. But we’d rather just spend the rest of this paragraph trying to imagine what a house made of actual spaghetti would taste like – mmm, real es-taste.
Morning After | West End
Need a reason why this West End local’s very welcome hang over cure has been getting a lot of airplay around the G&G office? Do the words ‘breakfast carbonara’ mean anything to you? Finally a cafe the recognises that your tastebuds shouldn’t be restricted by something trivial like the time of day.
Cafe Marinara | Paddington
Mamma mia! If it’s a carbonara ‘just like mamma used to make’ that your searching for, this charming little trattoria has got you covered with this classic. Fully loaded with smoked bacon, mushrooms and onions in a creamy sauce, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to warm, bosomy cuddle from Nonna. Did you hear the one about the Italian chef? He pasta away! Words by Rachel Murphy