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Brisbane’s booziest spots for after work drinks

On a Friday (or even a sneaky Thursday) during the festive season, when those deadlines seem to get even shorter, you don’t want to have to wander too far from your office to find a drink after work. You want an espresso martini in your hand, stat. Or maybe you’ve had a rough week and just want whiskey, straight up. Either way, we know a few city spots that will help you get over that Christmas party faux pas (you made out with WHO in the copy room?) faster than you can say ‘better make it a double.’
Customs House | CBD
When it’s only Wednesday and you’re already counting down the minutes until you can embrace the weekend with an Aperol Spritz, you know it’s December. But before you start bringing a flask to work and putting vodka in your coffee cup, let us tell you about the riverside pop-up bar pouring just the drink for you. Down by the river at Customs House, the Wednesday to Sunday pop-up bar serves up perfect spritz and no less than four kinds of Negronis – plus plenty of cheese to pair them with.
Brooklyn Standard | CBD
Maybe it’s a jig you need to switch off and forget that lapse of judgement at the office Xmas party (and no one will let you forget). In that case, get yourself down below street level to Brooklyn Standard and bust a move to live funk, soul and rock tunes. Two left feet? A whiskey (or five) will fix that. And don’t worry if it’s only Monday – these helpful souls are open 6 nights a week, from Monday to Saturday. Better stock up on the Gatorade.
Riverbar & Kitchen | CBD
Navigating your way through the silly season sober is a bad idea – before you know it you’ll be knee deep in paperwork, while everyone else is taking sick days to nurse their hangovers. Join the majority and head to Riverbar – their new summer cocktail menu is just the thing to convince you the resolutions can wait until next year. Is it 5pm yet? Words by Ranyhyn Akui