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Brisbane’s booziest iced teas

Nothing beats a jug of fruity iced tea in the midst of summer. Nothing.  Especially spiked with few cheeky shots of vodka or gin for a Saturday afternoon in the sun.  Boozy iced tea is our drink of choice to ward off the heat this month so we’ve rounded up the best in Brisbane. We’re sure they’ll be everyone’s cup of tea. Nantucket Kitchen & Bar | Indooroopilly Throw on a floral dress and head to NKB for a hard iced tea and you’ll feel like you just stepped into summer in the Deep South. There’s not one but three to choose from – which could lead to lead to some very unladylike shenanigans later on. Sip on a citrusy Cape Cod Summer Punch, slurp down an apple and jasmine After Hours Gardener and just guzzle a peach and lavender Grey Lady. Frankly, my dear, you’d be silly not to make NKB your hot weather retreat. Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley Ah, cozy Alfred and Constance. This cozy venue and its sunken couches makes you feel right at home. Put a cocktail in our hand and we may just move in. The A&C iced tea is as rave worthy as their nightlife, incorporating delightful fruity cranberry juice for a refreshing hit, with a bite of lemon and soda to tingle your taste buds. What more could you want? Loft | West End Fact: Loft know how to do a mean cocktail. The always buzzing cocktail lounge over Boundary Street serves up a delicious iced tea with a kick.  You’ll need to take a seat because this Karma Down of gin, green tea liquor, peach pulp, coriander and lime  concoction will leave you very chilled indeed. Chop Chop Chang’s | West End We’re floored (literally) by Chop Chop Chang’s line-up of quirky Asian inspired ice tea cocktails. The lychee and ginger ice tea is a whirlwind of lychee liquor, sake, ginger, lychees, soda and mint. There’s a ‘make it virgin’ option, but who would want that? We like our iced tea dirty. The Bowery | Fortitude Valley This New York inspired bar hidden a behind a plain black door on Ann Street boasts one helluva cocktail list. Keen for a fruity hit? The strawberry ice tea with strawberries, brewed tea and lemon juice will satisfy that sweet tooth. If not, well, just order another. Bitter Suite | New Farm Those with adventurous taste buds better ready yourselves for the Tea Total at Bitter Suite – a citrusy concoction with a dash of egg white (we know, right). But trust us, the mix of citrus vodka, lemon, egg whites and splendid Earl Grey is just the thing to enjoy summer with out on the breezy sidewalk. Toro Bar | Milton *This venue has now closed* At Toro, you can drink your boozy iced tea out of a proper teacup, poured from a floral teapot and all. We’re sold. Their gin high tea is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, chatting with the girls, sipping tea out of elegant teacups with your pinkies up and getting well and truly legless. The Laneway | CBD  In search of iced tea and a show? Ready yourself – the Laneway’s Tea Tippler is both rolled into one. This mix of Hendrick’s gin infused with Black Rose tea, lime juice, cranberry juice and sugar is sweet as pie. The best part? It’s served in a vintage teacup with cucumber ribbons, a rose petal and liquid nitrogen smoke filled pot. Smoking iced tea. In a teapot. Tick, tick, tick! The End | West End  They may be small, but this tiny tot of a bar is a big contender in the cocktail scene. Their cocktail names alone have us hooked. The Forget Me Not is described as a ‘romantic bouquet of delicate, fruity and floral flavours.’ *Sighs.* So romantic. Vanilla and wild tea vodkas and lavender liqueur muddled up with house made blueberry and violet syrup, fresh blueberries, lemon and topped with soda, it’s like drinking a rose garden. Stay refreshed, stay classy and get just a little bit tipsy (or a lot). Written by Caitlin Adamson and Elizabeth Smith