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Brisbane’s best zucchini fries

Ahh, the zucchini – pumpkin’s smaller, greener, underappreciated cousin. Also known as squash, courgette and apparently the ‘baby marrow.’  Whether you grill it, stuff it, or roast it, zucchini has had a facelift and this week, we’ve only got eyes for zucchini fries. Ok, we’ve still got the potato ones in our peripherals. A great alternative for those poor souls on a low-carb diet, or just a damn good treat, you can tick zucchini off the ‘boring vegetables’ list. Love it or hate it, you’ll at least be intrigued by our comprehensive list of Brisbane’s best zucchini fries. Bar Alto | New Farm Imagine a basket of zucchini fritters in front of you, wine in hand, watching the Brisbane river flow by and you can see why we can’t get enough of the green bites at Bar Alto.  Sliced so thin you can practically see through them, given a good coat of batter and fried to crispy perfection, there really is no better way to eat your greens. Little Greek Taverna | West End Thinly sliced, almost potato chip like, Little Greek Taverna’s fried zucchini chips do the vegetable proud. You won’t find this tasty treat under ‘z’ on their menu though.  Kolokithakia is what the Greeks call this deliciousness, and they prefer it with a side of tzatziki. Opa! restaurants in brisbane jamies zucchini fries 2 Jamie’s Italian | CBD If anyone knows how to make a vegetable delicious, it’s Jamie. Generously crumbed and the perfect length for dipping into lemon mayo, these zucchini fritti are possibly even better than the polenta fries. COPPA Spuntino | CBD Cour-gette in my belly! COPPA’s zucchini fries are made for munching on, and a generous serving of these bad boys are just the thing to get your tastebuds ready for the pizza to come.  With thick batter and maximum crunch, just because it’s called a share plate doesn’t mean you need to share it. Cove | South Bank Cove serves their zucchini fries up with a creamy wasabi aioli, and mixes things up a bit by crumbing instead of battering – extra crispiness guaranteed!  Substituting the potato with zucchini means you can have twice as many right? If we have three servings, are they still better than potato fries? Words by Moira Kennedy