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Brisbane’s best wood-fired pizzas

You’ve come a long way since the days of ordering $5 delivery pizza at 11pm, passing out and waking up to eat the leftovers. And while a good prosciutto is definitely a step above the old Hawaiian, once you’ve gone wood-fired you’ll never go back. So think outside the box and put dinner in the hands of the experts and their 400C wood-fired ovens. It’s wood-fired or nothing in our books and these are the slices you need to get a pizza of! Beccofino | Teneriffe Forget pineapple, it’s all about pork and fennel sausage at Beccofino! Any way you slice it, Beccofino’s traditional Italian pizzas can’t be topped – as any true pizza enthusiast will tell you. Stick to favourites like the mushroom, sausage, pecorino and mozzarella Montagna and you’ll be an addict like the rest of us in no time at all. Julius Pizzeria | Fish Lane A happy misunderstanding introduced us to the delicious delights of Julius Pizzeria’s more adventurous pizzas – and we’ve been eating our way through their entire menu ever since. From the gorgonzola and mushroom Bresaola to the Zucca with provolone, pancetta, red onion and pumpkin puree, you should too. Port Office Hotel | CBD If you can look past the $1 oysters on the Port Office Hotel’s irresistible dining menu for the month of June, they’ve also got some pizzas that can’t be topped. There’s not mushroom for improvement when it comes to their pepperoni, mushroom and mozzarella number, especially if you pair it with one of their cocktail jugs and a seat by the window in the Marble Bar. Sorellina | Woolloongabba Crust us, Sorellina take their pizza very seriously, from using only the best Italian flour to ensuring their dough is cold risen for 36 hours. But the thing about their menu that always gets a rise out of us? You can add pork and fennel sausages to any pizza – whether the potato, pancetta and smoke mozzarella or mushroom and parmesan. You know you want to. Popolo | South Bank Popolo’s menu is designed for sharing – but one bite of their four cheese pizza and you’d probably jump into the river before you’d give up a slice. With gorgonzola, parmigiano, taleggio, mozzarella and candied walnuts, it’s cheesier than a 90s rom com flick. Tartufo | Fortitude Valley 30 seconds. 30 seconds is all takes for a circle of dough and some fresh ingredients to be turned into golden, cheesy, pizza perfection in Tartufo’s wood-fired pizza oven. If only the perfect man could be whipped up that fast, right? Until that day comes, we’ll happily console ourselves with Tartufo’s Marinara pizza. Mister Paganini | South Bank Mister Paganini take pride in their giant wood-fire oven and when you see the size of it, you’ll know why. But it’s what you do with it, not how big it is and Mister Paganini knows exactly how to heat things up. Try their ricotta and salami stuffed crust topped with eggplant, provola, cherry tomato and basil if you know what’s good for you. Coppa Spuntino | CBD You can’t have a good authentic pizza without a glass (or bottle) of fine Italian wine and you’ll find an endless supply of it at Coppa Spuntino. Their pizzas are true to the Italian ‘less is more’ style and the flavours truly speak for themselves. Try the artichoke, olive, anchovy and salsa verde number that’ll have you wondering how you ever settled for ham and pineapple. The Burrow | West End The Burrow is far from what you’d imagine a pizza spot to look like, but here you’ll find a quirky range of pizzas to rival the traditional stuff. Just grab yourself a Big Voodoo Daddy with pulled pork, chorizo, red onion, mozzarella and bourbon BBQ glaze and fresh slaw and wash it down with a pint of craft beer if you don’t crust our word. Try and top those slices! Words by Kate Streader