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Brisbane's best whiskey cocktails

You have to admit it, swilling a fifth of a whiskey in a short glass looks super cool. Add a swiveling chair and fluffy white cat and you’re ready to play James Bond’s latest adversary. Or, well, practically anyone in Mad Men. As much as we love that smooth smoke-in-a-glass taste, though, sometimes it’s good to mix our hard liquor with other things (y’know, so sipping on our drink doesn’t always make us inhale sharply). We’ve gulped down a whole bunch of Brisbane’s best whiskey cocktails in order to present you with these smokin’ finalists. Cobbler | West End | John McClane Yippee ki yay! Cobbler have launched a Die Hard-themed autumn cocktail menu that gives you the perfect excuse to swear in public (seriously, go and say ‘Geronimo, mother*$&#er!’ to the bartender and see what it gets you). You can’t be ashamed about mixing your whiskey when it’s in a ‘John McClane’ approved blend of whiskey, armagnac, peppermint tea, rosemary syrup, lavender bitters and lemon. The Gresham | CBD | Too Old to Die Young The 2015 Bar of the Year has over 200 types of whiskey on the menu, so you’re pretty much covered on the whiskey front (at least for a while). For a fruity mix up of your favourite spirit, try their Too Old To Die Young, a blend of Irish whiskey, peach, ginger, apple, citrus, and walnut bitters that tastes like an orchard in a glass. A boozy orchard. Maker | South Brisbane | Whiskey Wax Coffee When a cocktail comes in separate parts, you know it’s not just going to be a good sip, but an experience. Maker’s creative cocktail list is a whole world of novelty, but their whiskey wax coffee with Australian whiskey mixed with coffee, macadamia oil and bee pollen syrup poured over beeswax is sublime, and even comes with a side crumbed black garlic bread and honeycomb. Buffalo Bar | CBD | Apple Pie What’s more comforting than apple pie? Not much, but Buffalo Bar’s Apple Pie cocktail comes pretty darn close. The ingenious minds behind the bar have combined cinnamon whiskey, Cointreau, apple juice and cinnamon sugar for a sip that makes us want to whack some cream on top and call it a night. BYO pie crust. Heya | Fortitude Valley | Twisted Lychee Even when it comes to whiskey, this Japanese-inspired watering hole stays true to its roots. Its whiskey cocktail, the Twisted Lychee, is made up of Suntory Kakubin whiskey, Yellow Chartreuse, lemon, sugar, and (you guessed it) lychee. Don’t get us twisted – we love whiskey, but this cocktail raises it to a whole new level. Sazerac | CBD | Sazarac Named after a New Orleans whiskey cocktail, this venue’s 30-storey city views will have your head spinning (admittedly, the cocktails probably help). Sazerac’s signature cocktail is its own namesake, which is made of Sazerac whiskey, Peychaud Bitters, and absinthe. Not for the faint-hearted (or faint-livered). Lefty’s | Petrie Terrace | Whiskey and Apple Ok, it’s not a cocktail, but for a whiskey sip that will leave you, you can’t go past Lefty’s. The American-esque music hall is famous for its mix of whiskey and freshly-squeezed apple juice. Trust us: it works. Just don’t blame us if it makes drinking straight whiskey less satisfying. Who knows, maybe Bond villains would have been less grumpy if they’d switched up the drinks every once in a while. Words by Samantha Chariton