Brisbane’s Best Waffles

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Got a soft spot for Belgian food? Relate to Eleven’s Eggos obsession on a deeply personal level? Ever felt judged by your peers because you eat waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Don’t worry friend – you’re in a safe place now.

 We at the G&G don’t judge! We too think that waffles are a better version of pancakes (have you seen their abs?) and knead at least one stack a day to survive. Whether you’re a seasoned waffle-lover, or just getting started, check out our list below of the best waffles Brisbane has to offer.

Little Cliveǀ Annerley

There’s nothing little about the larger-than-life waffles at Little Clive. Their monthly switch-up of creative sweet and savoury options – like a sticky sesame cauliflower waffle -means even the most seasoned waffler won’t get tired.

Billykart ǀ West End

If you’re in a dessert slump, or simply find sweet treats off-pudding, then try the savoury waffle at Billykart! The ‘Eggs Bender’ crispy potato waffle paired with charred mustard greens, smoked salmon, poached eggs, radish and hollandaise will always have you coming back for more!

Naim ǀ Paddington

Can you naim a cooler duo than ice-cream and chai… go on, we’ll wait. And while we wait, you can go chai it infused in Naim Paddington’s truly wonderful waffle stack!.

Little Loco ǀ New Farm

If you want start living la vida loca, head on over to Little Loco, whose activated charcoal waffles are piled with strawberries and meringue, and are as delicious as they are beautiful. And for those who are looking for waffles that are a little tamer, the smoked ham and cheddar waffle topped with eggs and hollandaise sauce is also a fan favourite!

Gauge ǀ South Brisbane

Looking to fine-tune your waffle palate? Gauge your expertise at this South Brisbane café, whose sourdough peach waffle, topped with honey custard, buttermilk sorbet, and bay leaf is deliciously decadent.

Rogue Bistro ǀ Newstead

For a waffle that’ll have you saying ‘mmm, dat dough tho,’ look no further than midnight-coloured black forest waffles served with matcha ice cream at Rogue Bistro. Talk about a matcha in heaven.

Smug Fig ǀ East Brisbane

We’re not waffling around – the buttermilk chicken waffles on offer at Smug Fig are the edible equivalent of a warm hug. Think perfectly baked Belgian waffles, topped with Southern-style fried chicken, and drenched in syrupy goodness… we’re not gonna lie, it’s pretty figgin’ good. Pourboy Southpoint South Bank waffle

Pourboy | Southpoint Southbank

A short wander away from the bustle of South Bank’s riverfront is Pourboy, a cafe heating up Brisbane’s waffle offering with a spicy corn and jalapeno waffle, topped with avocado, egg, tomato and mustard cress. And it’s served alongside some stellar coffee too!

Kettle & Tin | Paddington

Across town, Kettle & Tin is famous for its own version of fried chicken and waffles, topped with spiced mayo, maple butter and spring onions. Sweet, salty and soulful, this particular breakfast dish has saved many a G&G writer the morning after.

Nodo ǀ Newstead

If creamy waffles are no-no, then head on over to Nodo, whose savoury sweet potato waffles are not only scrumptious, but dairy and gluten free too! Take that lactose!

Picnic Café ǀ Camp Hill

Wish waffle raffles were a thing? Us too! While we take the idea Shark Tank, enjoy the next best thing at the Picnic Café, whose wide range of crazy flavours is akin to a primary school birthday spread. Tim tams, berry coulis, sea salt popcorn… the list goes on! There’s an waffle lot to love…

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand preparing her own waffle tour of Brisbane