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Brisbane’s best waffles

Anyone that follows the ‘life is short, eat dessert first’ mantra knows that breakfast is the most challenging meal of the day. There are few ways to have ice cream and chocolate for brekky without judgement from our muesli munching mates. To keep your dignity (and ours) intact, we’ve cleverly skirted the system and found a way for you to have these sweet treats before 10am and avoid furrowed brows. We’ve rounded up Brisbane’s best waffles to satisfy your sweet tooth and ‘most important meal of the day’ criteria. These spots will have your fingers dripping in syrup before you can mutter YOLO. NKB Express | Indooroopilly NKB Express caters to all waffle lovers with a menu that includes three different types of doughy goodness. Ice cream and maple, the classic pairing, feature alongside a berry compote and cream combination. For the more adventurous, NKB’s thick diner style waffles can also come doused with ice cream, homemade Hershey’s chocolate syrup and sprinkles. We’ll take all 3 thanks! Kettle and Tin | Paddington Kettle and Tin are serving up delicious waffles for both sweet and savoury fans. Peach melba waffles topped with fresh peaches and raspberry coulis come together in a decadent combo that will make any dessert fiend (or anyone really) smile. Bacon waffles are also available with a maple mustard syrup, a fried egg and bacon to properly fulfil the ‘breakfast’ category. K&T let us eat waffles for breakfast without feeling guilty so of course the had to make our list of Brisbane’s best breakfast. Plum Tucker | Red Hill For a breakfast fit for a tea party, Plum Tucker are making their waffles with a pretty and sweet summery twist. A fresh, rhubarb and plum compote coats vanilla waffles along with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and Persian fairy floss. That’s equivalent to our daily serve of fruit right? Brisbane's best waffles Gianni’s Kitchen | Newstead For a weekend brekky treat, Gianni’s Kitchen are offering up sweet and savoury waffle alternatives with an Italian twist. The savoury waffle is topped with avocado, fior di latte cheese and proscuitto guaranteed to satisfy your pre-pizza Italian cravings. The sweet option features seasonal fruit, yoghurt and cinnamon honey for a fresh and ‘healthy’ waffle. Cowch | South Bank Cowch has discovered a (tasty) substitute for crockery and created a bowl made out of waffle! This brilliant Canadienne breakfast waffle bowl is as clever as it is devourable. Filled with the genius of bacon ice-cream and maple syrup, this take on brekky will literally have you licking (then eating) the bowl. Dandelion & Driftwood | Hendra Dandelion & Driftwood have returned the much loved waffle berry dunk to their Summer menu. In a tea and biscuits style scenario, the thick old school waffle is split into dunk-able measurements, perfectly portioned to bathe in a warm pot of berry compote. Journey Cafe & Bar | Ascot Any trip is best started with a coffee and a good breakfast so before you start your day take the journey to Racecourse Road for banana waffles with roasted pistachio, fresh berries and hot chocolate sauce. Hot, toasty and loaded with syrup, they’ll have you ready to face anything. Now someone please pass us the syrup and maybe a milkshake! Words by Tayla Trask