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Brisbane’s best veggie burgers

Green looks good on you!

There’s no denying that few things are more satisfying than a great burger, and we believe that everyone should be able to experience that pleasure…

Whether you’re giving Meat-Free Monday a go, you’re a dedicated plant-based diner or you just need a break from beef, these veggie burgers are guaranteed to hit the spot, because while these options aren’t necessarily vegan (you can check out our picks of those here) they’re 100% meat-free deliciousness.

Fritzenberger | Various

Because everyone deserves the joy of the old burger + beer combo, Fritzenberger offers a banging mushroom schnitzel burger, stuffed with a panko-crumbed, Swiss cheese-filled mushroom (juicy!), lettuce, tomato, red onion and their moreish Fritzensauce. Grab a beer, grab some mac ‘n’ cheese balls, and strap in for one tasty meat-free time!

Betty’s Burgers | Various

Remember when we had to visit Noosa for a taste of Betty’s goods? Now that we’re #blessed with a few Betty’s locations in Bris, their Shroom Burger with a crispy fried mushroom, melted gouda and gruyere cheese, lettuce, tomato and special sauce is a must-try for the meat-avoidant among us!

Remy’s | Paddington

A cult favourite among burger aficionados, Remy’s Vego Cheeseburger is bang-on, with a vegan patty, cheddar, onion, pickle, mustard and ketchup filling any meaty voids, while their grilled eggplant burger features marinated eggplant, halloumi, lettuce, tomato, pickle, house-made relish and herb mayo for a flavourful burger delight.

Peach Cafe | Auchenflower

While the burger in question might be listed as a breakfast burger, this delight combining a house-made potato hash with grilled halloumi, a fried egg, greens and relish on a milk bun is available until 2 pm daily, meaning it is also very much a lunch burger! You could add bacon, but with a flavour bomb this enticing, who needs it?

Mylk & Ko | New Farm

Loved for their generally healthy take on delicious brunches and lunches, Mylk’s halloumi burger more than fits the bill for a satisfying, meat-free burg: halloumi, avocado, pumpkin, a fried egg, tarragon aioli, oak lettuce and a brioche bun all welcome guests at this meat-free mouth party.

Getta Burger | Various

While Getta is known for their outrageous meaty burgers and loaded chips, they also nail the greener side of things too! The Getta Vego Cheese Burger incorporates a traditional vegan patty, double American sliced cheese, white onion, pickles, mustard and That BBQ Sauce on a milk bun for an honourable go at replicating a dirty, beefy burger sans the bull.


As for those who say a meat-free burger can’t hit the spot? We’ve got beef.


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