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Brisbane's best vegan fine dining

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It’s not vegan, it’s ve-gaaan.

For all my fancy herbivores out there, it’s time to put your handy dandy knowledge of every fruit, vegetable, and legume that inhabits this planet to the test!

For your munching pleasure, we’ve collated a list of Brisbane’s finest vegan dinners from restaurants who deserve no less than five stars and boast prices higher than your (impressive) daily nutrient intake.

Without further ado, here’s where to spend your green dollarydoos in return for Brisbane’s finest plant-based dining this season!

Bacchus | South Brisbane

Ditch the hemp and slip on your finest biodegradable organic cotton wrap dress instead tonight when visiting the fabulous Bacchus for their four-course vegan degustation!

For $110, indulge in an explosion of flavour, colour, and texture carefully curated by famed head chef Massimo Speroni, which includes a creamy fusilli pasta with seasonal mushrooms and puffed buckwheat, a cauliflower and wasabi croquette, and a sumptuous chocolate brownie paired with strawberries, fruit, and herb sorbet.

Urbane | Brisbane City

As much as we love the silky tofu and broccoli stems currently hibernating in our freezer, sometimes you gotta treat yo’ self to an animal-free meal flavoured with more pink Himalayan salt.

Introducing Urbane, who not only offer vegan upon request with their herbivore menu, but five and seven-course vegetarian degustation menus! Think sweet lemon artichokes, potato medleys, salsify mushrooms, miso brioche and more alongside matching wines from $75.

Signature | South Brisbane

Up to your last spoonful of hummus? Good thing Emporium Hotel’s newest addition, Signature restaurant, has your covered! The beating heart of vegans everywhere (aka, globe artichoke) is the star ingredient in Signature’s gorgeous vegan menu, and comes roasted with pine mushroom duxelle, Swiss chard, and farro. Sign us up!

Detour | Woolloongabba

After a long week of eating budget-friendly leafy salads and protein bars, we suggest you take a well-earned detour to the vegan haven that is this Woolloongabba restaurant instead! Far from pulling the wool over your eyes, Detour gets our greenlight thanks to their dreamy Hawaiian curry made with sweet potatoes, lychees, and coconut, with the beetroot tartare also coming in as an office favourite!

GOMA Restaurant | South Brisbane

No wonder the restaurant connected to a gallery that has veganism down to a fine art! Give the chefs a 48-hour head start by booking a table early, and you’ll be rewarded with a scrumptious tasting menu that can’t be matched! Intrigued? We suggest enquiring today.

Otto Ristorante | South Brisbane

Uh oh, Otto. Just when we thought we were saying goodbye to your creamy pasta, you bounce back with a dedicated vegan menu that’s dangerously good! We’re talking Fiori di Zucchini with spicy capsicum pesto, aged Aquerello rice risotto with broccolini and preserved lemon, strozzapreti with cherry tomatoes and Napolitana sauce, and more!

This is just the veganning.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand that ain’t your rego vego.