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Brisbane’s best vegan dinners

We don’t really understand it, but apparently there’s a whole bunch of you out there who’ve given up not just bacon, but cheese, butter and all things #yolkporn. While we’ll forever wonder how you get your calcium, we do have some serious respect for the willpower it must take to turn down cookie dough ice cream. But such a lifestyle choice must throw up a serious roadblock when it comes time to head out for dinner with friends. So to help you out, we’ve hunted (no actual hunting was involved) down a few places where you can get your black beans and cashew cheese on, no asking ‘does this have butter in it?’ necessary. Sol Natural Foods | Fortitude Valley With the deliciousness on offer at this healthy café, you might just convince your friends to stick to veggies too. From the vegan cheese available for their scrumptious pizzas and nachos to the shared plates full of bites like falafel and hommus with grilled Turkish, we’re drooling over this one ourselves. Vege Rama | West End If you’ve been a vegan in Brisbane for more than a week, you probably already know about this place. If not, you’ll probably cry tears of joy at the sheer amount of choice you have for dinner. Spinach and nut cheese cannelloni, sweet potato gnocchi, raw tacos – all those things you’ve said goodbye to, back on the menu. Mondo Organics | West End Organic AND vegan? You’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot at Mondo Organics, where you can have a vegan two course meal. Start with the pickled cauliflower with smoked eggplant labneh, and continue the feasting with a sweet potato tart with white bean puree. Café de Siam | Paddington Tell the accommodating staff at Café de Siam that you’re a vegan and they’ll make sure that your silky tofu and red curry vegetables don’t contain a skerrick of animal products. Just don’t try to convince any of your friends to pass up the beef massaman curry. vegan restaurants brisbane 25 Boroughs | Stones Corner If you’ve been looking for a decent vegan burger your whole life, you can stop looking. 5 Boroughs vegan burger and hotdog is house made with a spicy mix of beans, corn and quinoa, and stacked on a fresh bun with avocado, salsa and lettuce. You can even pair it with criss cross chips! September 18 | North Lakes This vegan and vegetarian restaurant likes to get creative with their tofu and konjac root, dishing up satay ‘chicken’ and tom yam ‘squid.’ If that all sounds a bit questionable to you, you can stick to the classics, like gado gado and tofu dumpling laksa. The Green Edge | Windsor Everything on the menu at The Green Edge is vegan – everything. So while it may take a little convincing to get your friends to join you on a Friday or Saturday night, it will be worth for a big bowl of creamy mushroom risotto, or their infamous vegan nachos. Hellooo, indecision. Spaghetti House | South Bank If there’s one thing that can be said for a vegan diets, it’s that at least it doesn’t cut out the really important things in life – carbs. At Spaghetti House, they’re well award of this, so they’ve helpfully made sure a few of their bruschetta and pasta dishes are vegan. Split sautéed mushroom bruschetta and then get your food baby on with a spicy arrabbiata penne. Of course, if your friends refuse to be seen anywhere that doesn’t have pork belly on the menu, you could try a few of our favourite spots for vegetarians. Words by Ranyhyn Akui