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Brisbane’s best vegan and vegetarian breakfasts

Listen bacon, we’re going to be honest with you for a moment. We’ve been cheating on you for breakfast and we just can’t bear to live a lie anymore. We’ve had some wonderful times together, especially that time we discovered we could put you on our waffles, but we’re ready to grow and spread our wings. Yes, we’ve been taking our cues from our lean, green counterparts and experimenting with some of Brisbane’s tastiest vegetarian and vegan breakfasts, and the results were surprisingly delicious. Proving once and for all that when it comes to breakfast you really do make friends with salad, we proudly present our definitive list of Brisbane’s best vegetarian and vegan breakfasts.
Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen | West End
Bliss by name, bliss by nature the only trouble you’ll come across at Miss Bliss Wholefoods Kitchen is trying to settle on just one vegetarian brekky treat. From their deliciously trendy poke bowls to their moan worthy crushed avocado with beetroot hummus, this is one little miss you’re not going to want to miss out on.
Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe
Not interested in bulking up your vegetable based diet with a little bit more protein? You might be after you try the protein pancakes on offer at Wilde. Dripping in maple syrupy goodness and balanced with beautiful berries, they’ll have you ditching the baked beans for pancakes more often.
Picnic Café | Woolloongabba
Bean searching for the perfect vegan breakfast all your life? Picnic Café has you covered, with their beetroot, corn and mung bean fritters with roasted tumeric cauliflower hummus and za-atar. If you like your mornings a little sweeter, try the strawberry and cream buckwheat pancakes with vanilla coyo ice cream, almond cream, buckinis and strawberry coulis.
Sassafras Canteen | Paddington
With a fresh new take on the breakfast staple that is the potato rosti, Sassafras will have you curled up in a vegetarian breakfast-induced coma in no time at all. Fried with fetta and mint, and paired with a perfect poached egg, mushrooms and a fresh tomato and rocket salad, it’s like a hash brown – only better.
Lock ‘n’ Load | West End
Would you get a Lock ‘n’ Load of this menu! So much more than an impossibly hip late night hangout, this West End local has been serving up a double barrelled shot of yum every morning with their signature Vegie Loaded breakfast. We’re talking roasted truss tomatoes, sauteéd kale, garlic mushrooms, eggs, hash cakes and house baked beans. Ready, aim, fire!
Little Loco | New Farm
Who you trying to get crazy with ese? Don’t you know we’re loco for Little Loco’s drool worthy haloumi burger? Yes, this home styled New Farm mainstay is sending everyone insane in the membrane with their mix of crispy haloumi, Portobello mushrooms, onion jam and jalapeño mayo on a toasted polenta bun.
Honour Espresso | Graceville
Hey Honour Espresso, we don’t want to know what kind deal with the devil you had to make to somehow turn beetroot, cauliflower and spinach into perfectly fluffy savoury pancakes, we just want you to never stop making them. Ever.
Mondo Organics | West End
Bircher muesli. Don’t roll your eyes, Mondo Organics have somehow taken the most snooze worthy vegetarian option and given it a serious facelift with their cacao and almond Bircher topped with shaved coconut and organic seasonal fruit.
Spicers Balfour | New Farm
So much more than a 5-star retreat, Spicers Balfour have been bringing their signature luxury style to the humble vegan breakfast thanks to their combination of avocado, quinoa and spinach on toast with chargrilled corn, pickled shallot and piquillo pepper vinaigrette. Look mum, no hams! Words by Rachel Murphy