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Brisbane’s best teppanyaki

Thanks to a brilliant renegade foodie who decided there was nothing more overrated than a seated dinner, the world has been blessed with a socially acceptable food throwing phenomenon - Teppanyaki

We’ve stepped up from our two-year-old spaghetti throwing antics and advanced to specialised Teppanyaki chefs who possess a little more cooking (and aiming) expertise. Part traditional cuisine, part performance art, this Japanese style nosh is catching-on as one of the most tasty and theatrical meals on the market. So we’ve rounded up the best teppanyaki Brisbane has to offer, because we just love dinner and a show.

Kabuki | CBD

For a range of meats, seafood and vegetable dishes prepared and served in true Japanese style, it’s hard to go past Kabuki in the Stamford Hotel. Serving up three set menus and an a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner, you’ll be dining on sizzling drama like king prawns, Black Angus beef fillet and Atlantic salmon. Finished off with green tea ice-cream, of course.

Golden Wood Teppanyaki | Newmarket

Egg catching, machine gun chopping and an onion volcano are just some of the impressive tricks the Golden Wood Teppanyaki chefs have on show and what’s even more astounding is that they’re absolutely delectable. With a lunch and dinner menu on offer, this culinary experience will have you so transfixed you might literally end up with egg on your face.

Sono | Hamilton & CBD

Between the four exotic banquets and an a la carte menu, Sono will leave you spoilt for choice. In true Japanese style, the focus is all about fresh seafood but unique bites on their menu include chicken Maryland and duck teriyaki. If it’s something fishier you’re after, their Moreton Bay bugs and lobster miso soup will have you saying ‘miso happy’ in no time!

Oyama | Fortitude Valley

At Oyama, dinner is the entertainment! Located just outside of Chinatown, Oyama is the perfect spot to fill up on bite-sized pieces of teriyaki chicken, eye fillet steak and prawns before hitting up the Valley bars. With two time slots on Friday and Saturday nights, a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine from any of their four set menus will definitely prevent that 3am kebab craving. Just don’t wear white – you will have food thrown at you by the deft (and hilarious) chefs behind the hot plates.

Murasaki Teppanyaki | Broadbeach

Novel options like kangaroo, crocodile and octopus Teppanyaki make Murasaki one of Broadbeach’s star attractions. That and the ninja like skills of their chefs who perform mesmerizing knife throwing acts that will have your food going cold because you can’t take your eyes off them! Bishamon Japanese | Spring Hill Irasshaimase! Bustling, crowded, and filled to the brim with incredible fare, Bishamon is as authentic before crossing over to Tokyo. From hot pots to nightly specials, there’s always something to eye off – but the sizzling teppanyaki table takes the cake. With four sets to choose from and a talented chef at the ready, this is teppanyaki at its best. Just don’t forget to bring your mouth-eye coordination!

Words by Tayla Trask