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Brisbane's best sushi

“What did Sushi A say to Sushi B? – Wassa-b!?” We laughed to the point of nori-turn at that one as we prepared our tastebuds for traversing the Brisbane-o-sphere on a quest to find the city’s best roll. The journey was tough, but the sushi was soy good. But less talk and more rice. Here is our verdict of Brisbane’s best sushi: LR Sushi | Adelaide St The lineup for LR Sushi is impossible to miss – starting from the Adelaide St hole-in-a-wall store, it wraps around Starbucks like seaweed wraps around rice. But this line of hangry Brisbanites isn’t the consequence of slow service. On the contrary, this home of nimble hands continuously churns out fresh sushi to feed the masses. Fast, fresh, and sinfully delicious. In fact, it’s safe to say this is the best quality sushi in town. Makes miso happy! Sushi Station | Bulimba The variety of sushi here hit us like a high speed train. It was a train of sushi. A sushi train, to be exact. We could choose from more flavours than we could imagine, as well as a mouthwatering choice of noodles, curries, soups and tempura. Needless to say, we ate ourselves into a crippling food coma that day. #noregrets Sushi Edo | Newmarket We know how frustrating it can be to spend an extra 20 minutes in the Sushi train, checking the bottom of each dish to make sure you’re not spending $7 on a half avocado roll. And this is where Sushi Edo come into play. Sushi Edo sits big and bold in the Newmarket Reading complex, eagerly serving Northsiders with inexpensive, top quality sushi. When the train goes round, chose your favourite plate – or five – and stuff yourself silly. It’s worth it. Sushi Tram | Stones Corner Sunday is fun day – or so they say. ‘They’ are Sushi Tram – the producers of some of the tastiest sushi in Brisbane. When we heard about the $3-a-plate Sunday special, we were stepping through the door faster than you could say ‘nori.’ With quaint surroundings, flavoursome rolls and incredible value for money, Sushi Tram is a regular stop for any sushi lover. Sakura | Runcorn After leaving their home in Highgate Hill, Sakura have enchanted the masses of Runcorn (and attracted some very faithful travellers) with their exceptional Japanese cuisine. The slow cooked rice is lightly tossed with vinegar before being delicately placed in nori. The sushi here is out of this world, made with passion and authenticity. Say hello to your new best friend. So folks, this is when we wrap it up. Like, er, nori wraps rice. There is nothing better than some rice-wrapped goodness to cure your mid-week-blues. And I kid you not, these delicacies can be purchased with the loose change you found in your pocket the other day. Don’t save your coins for a rainy day, save it for sushi. Words by Julia Hulbert