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Brisbane’s best superfood dinners

Trying to get all the things we’re told to include in us diet into us is a daily struggle. Eight cups of water, a ridiculous amount of greens, iron, antioxidants, fruit, but not too much fruit, vitamins – it’s all just too hard sometimes and you want to throw yourself into a pile of bacon and be done with it. But before you go resigning yourself to an unhealthy existence, let us tell you how to get your greens in and enjoy doing it, with superfood-packed dinners at healthy restaurants in Brisbane that will leave you zinging. Maybe don’t order a bottle of wine with them though – as far as we know, alcohol isn’t on the food pyramid. Caveman Kitchen | Delivered Does it get any easier than having a healthy meal delivered to your door? You don’t even need to put clothes on to get this goodness into. Just order online, push a button on the microwave and ding! Delicious lamb moussaka chock full of the goodness of kale and plenty of other veggies steaming in front of you, or one of their 45 other nutritious and ready to eat meals. Press’d | Teneriffe You’ve finished work, hit the gym, and now all you can hear is the roaring sound of hunger. Don’t listen to the pizza place calling your name, stop by Press’d for a takeaway feed instead. Now open until 6pm Monday to Thursday, they’ve got delicious salads, soups, raw vegan nachos and lasagne and daily curries ready and waiting, along with superfood brownies that will have you questioning everything you know about eating vegan. It’s Mirchi | Paddington Indian fare has always been one of our favourite cheat meals – at least it was until we discovered It’s Mirchi. Now we can save the cheat meal for more important things (like dessert), because healthy and superfood packed curries like lentil dahl and spinach and chicken saagwala with roasted (not fried!) pappadams can move to the guilt free list. Habitat | West End West Enders are known for being more into green living than the rest of us, and the ‘burb’s restaurants are just the same. You’ll find plenty of drool-worthy but totally healthy eats on Habitat’s menu, including cured beef fillet with cauliflower rice and broccoli flan to start and a rare roasted kangaroo fillet – known as one of the healthiest meats – with maple roasted sweet potato and broad beans to finish. healthy restaurants brisbane asana Asana | CBD It’s all pretty super on Asana’s dinner menu, not to mention gluten and dairy free, but if you want to take things to hero level, try the healing chicken, ginger and ginseng broth. Doesn’t sound like a fun night out to you? There’s always the omega-3 packed roasted salmon, drizzled with tahini and paired with roasted beetroot. Sake | CBD Japanese food is full of superfoods. Edamame, miso, salmon – seriously it’s a wonder they don’t live forever. The best and freshest spot to get more of this goodness into you? Sake, of course. Skip the chicken karaage (delicious as it is) and go for the salmon sashimi with a side of seaweed salad. Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba Got a hankering for some salty, carb-loaded Asian fare? Give the fried rice at your local takeaway a miss and head to Pawpaw for quinoa nasi goreng. Extra protein from that hard-to-pronounce quinoa, pork belly, bean sprouts, broccolini and a spicy sauce, it all goes down well with the green papaya salad. Chow House | Fortitude Valley It’s not just about the roast pork belly and fried rice at Chow House, they’re also getting quite the name as a great spot for a healthy feed. Considerately listed under ‘green stuff’ so you can find it nice and easy on the menu, there’s a fresh poached chicken and quinoa salad tossed with rocket, sweet potato and goji berries that pairs well with vegetable and almond croquettes (almonds are totally a superfood, even if they’re deep-fried). Botanica | Red Hill If you’re dreading the thought of cooking and dolling up to go out just sounds like too much effort, swing by Botanica on your way home for one of their scrumptious salad boxes. Kale and parmesan is hands down the crowd favourite, but there’s plenty more hefty offerings to combine it with, like broccoli with garlic and cashew cream and freekah with roasted eggplant and almonds. Bird’s Nest Yakitori | West End Prefer to get your superfoods in in meat form? Then don’t shy away from the chicken heart and chicken liver skewers at Bird’s Nest, because these morsels are proported to fight aging and boost stamina. The same can’t be said for the crispy chicken skin unfortunately, but we won’t tell if you decide to treat yourself. Need more healthy restaurants in Brisbane that won’t void all your dieting for the last week? Try our list of the healthiest dinners in Brisbane. Words by Ranyhyn Akui