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Brisbane’s best spots to spill the tea

In too steep? There’s no such thing!

It’s been around for thousands of years and yet (as every tea-totalling foodie knows) we just can’t seem to get enough!

For all those out there who know the sweetest voice ain’t Mariah’s whistle tones, but the sound of a stovetop kettle fully boiled; this list of Brisbane’s best tea spots is for you.

Botanical Lab | Fortitude Valley

Herbal and floral tea fans need look no further than Botanical Lab next time they need to nip their green tea habit in the bud!

A florist, teahouse, bubble tea store, and tea masterclass provider all in one, these guys are proof that the queens of time management always come equipped with a cuppa in hand. Simply head in to sip on a brilliant mint pineapple tea or DIY your own special tea blend!

Tavalon Tea Lounge | Mount Gravatt

Travel alone to Tavalon – you won’t want to share this! The southside’s best-kept secret is this steamy tea lounge which is so legit it even has its own tea sommelier (fancy).

Take a seat in one of our lush royal blue booths and enjoy their extensive range of teas, with everything from Assam blends to rooibos herbals, that come served in one-of-a-kind gravity teapots! 

Lucha | Brisbane City

Brisbane: meet the contemporary Chinese teahouse taking the nation’s tea game to a whole new level. Not only are these guys balling with a great range of bubble teas and sparkling tea, but a dedicated food menu also full of sweet, sweet tea! Think scrumptious whole roast chicken dressed in green tea sauce and roasted pork belly served in claypots with jasmine tea sauce.

Francesca’s Flowers | Bardon

High key – if you want a high tea that towers over the rest, look no further than the three-tiered tea trays and deluxe afternoon teas at Francesca’s Flowers! The hostess with the most-est, not only does Francesca whip up a killer cheese platter and bottomless loose tea pairing, but makes it to enjoy while weaving flower crowns or taking a floral arranging workshop!

Wandering Cooks | South Brisbane

Don’t cha wish your tea blends were hot like me? Don’t cha wish your herbal blends were the tea like me?

Forever changing up Brisbane’s tea game, Wandering Cooks not only serve a delicious chai most days, but also hold weekly tea tasting sessions with some of Brisbane’s best brewers, including Tour de Tea, The Steepery, and even the occasional matcha workshop! Watch this space to find out more.

Room With Roses | Brisbane City

Sitting cosy (tea cosies and all!) in the heart of the CBD is Room with Roses, the Brisbane equivalent to the Brit’s traditional tea party.

Say ‘sup to supping like a Queen with their royal high tea packages, which come packing everything from your simple Irish Breakfast to the fierce Arctic Fire – a delicious papaya, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, and guava blend!

Icing Hill Café | Newstead

Happy Unbirthday, foodies! Celebrate the rare occasion by tea-ing up a date down the rabbit hole into this Newstead wonderland.

Aside from a colourful interior not unlike a mad hatter’s tea party, Icing Hill café also boasts a unique range of Japanese Lupicia loose teas. Catch us slurping the melon and momo (peach) oolong before finishing up with an irresistible matcha crepe cake.


And that’s the tea.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmand known to fight peeps who said tea is just flavoured water.