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Brisbane’s best spots to enjoy a beer in any season

You switch from piping hot lattes in winter to ice cold frappuccinos in summer (or better yet, espresso martinis) – so why should your booze drinking habits be any different? Some beers are just made for drinking in the sun with a plate of cheese, while others are better by an open fire, apple pie at your side. And before you start worrying about how you’re going to fit into those beach shorts after a few months of knocking back winter brews, or enjoying a few cold ones every weekend in the summer, let us tell you something you probably didn’t know: all the beers below are 99.9% sugar free, less than 4% carbs and under 170 calories, not to mention preservative free!


There’s something crisp and refreshing about an ice cold pale ale or a bright lager that screams summer Sunday session like no spirit can. Thirst quenchingly delicious, these beers are best paired with a summer breeze and a few friends – if you’re feeling experimental, you can even try your hand at matching them to freshly shucked oysters and a plate of calamari!
Blackbird Bar & Grill | CBD
Perched on a comfy couch by the river, ice cold James Squire 150 lashes in hand and views of the Story Bridge in front of you, you’ll never want summer to end. The uber chilled atmosphere and glam surrounds might continue here year round, but it’s during summer that this bar shines – literally, that river really sparkles.
Watt | New Farm
You don’t have to go all the way to the city to find spectacular city views – Watt has them in spades. Hit the bar for a Hahn Super Dry and then relax and take in the vista in front of you – although we’re talking about the spread of charcuterie and manchego croquettes on the table, of course.
Darling & Co | Paddington
An airy, garden inspired bar that both lets in the sunshine and is fully weather proof when those Brisbane summer storms hit? Sounds like a spot where we can make plans to knock back a few Little Creatures Pale Ales no matter what the weather prediction.
XXXX Brewery | Milton
What better place to enjoy a XXXX Summer Bright Lager (only 94 calories, might we add) than the very place where it’s brewed? Don’t worry, you won’t be sitting amongst the tanks, this brewery hides an airy, industrial themed bar and restaurant, where all your favourite XXXX beers are on tap.
Sandstone Point Hotel | Bribie Island
What’s summer in Brisbane without a few road trips to the coast? Sandstone Point Hotel is well worth the drive. Find yourself a spot on their breezy patio, grab yourself a XXXX Gold and a seafood plate, and enjoy the ocean breezes.

where-to-have-a-beer-in-season-winter WINTER

When the cooler months roll around, all of a sudden those glasses of rosé and jugs of sangria don’t sound so appealing. You want something robust, something hearty to drink – and most of all, something that will go down well with your comfort food. Enter winter beers. We’re talking the porters, stouts, dark ales and lagers that will warm your soul as they warm your insides.
The Charming Squire | South Brisbane
Grab a table at The Charming Squire by one of their toasty heaters and switch up your usual pale ale for the Jack of Spades Porter. Don’t be scared off by the colour – this rich black brew with aromas of coffee and chocolate will go down all to well, and best of all, match perfectly with both the beef short ribs AND the dark chocolate fondant with porter ice cream for dessert.
Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley
Don’t be put off by the tiki cocktail wielding mixologists at the bar here – look them straight in the eye and order yourself a White Rabbit Dark Ale, then find yourself a cosy couch by the fireplace. Better yet, order a plate of slow-roasted lamb shoulder with a side of roast potatoes while you’re at it.
The Fox Hotel | South Brisbane
Behind the impressive facade of The Fox Hotel hides more than one cosy bar – and more than one beer list to sip your way through when it’s cold outside. Find yourself a corner to drink your Rogers Amber Ale in and order up some of their seriously comforting pub grub (we definitely suggest the nachos).
At Sixes and Sevens | Fortitude Valley
At Sixes and Sevens they might not often light up their fireplace, but you won’t need it if you nab yourself a cosy corner in their cottage bar. With plenty of poutine to warm your belly and pitchers of White Rabbit Dark Ale on tap to warm the rest of you, you’ll be toasty in no time.
Twig & Berry | New Farm
There’s no where cosier than an underground bar to drink in winter, especially if they’ve got nanna-style couches to relax in. Skip the mulled wine and go for a Little Creature Rogers Amber Ale – you’ll get the nod of approval from the bartenders here. Thirsty for more? Find out more useful beer facts at Beer the Beautiful Truth. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Images by Judit Losh For more information and inspiration on the facts behind your favourite beers visit – who this article was created in partnership with.