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Brisbane’s best spots for share plates

If you’re like us, the concept of sharing your food will be a foreign one. Met with raised eyebrows, a sense of disbelief and you starting on your best impression of a confused tourist in a faraway land because well, you just don’t get it.  But even the greediest foodie fans have those select few friends with whom we want to sit back, relax and (gasp!) share a bite to eat with, whether you’re in for a big night or just getting out of the house on a Monday night.  So read on for some tapas Brisbane style and scrumptious shared food options that will leave you thinking “hey, maybe portion control isn’t so bad after all!” Friday’s | CBD If your dinner plans involve more than just dinner, Friday’s riverside views and classic cocktail list will really round out the evening’s menu. Serving up scrumptious tapas dishes like bacon cheeseburger spring rolls, crispy calamari and steamy fried gyoza, they’ve got you covered for the whole night, from the share plates by the river to start, to the pumping dance floor at the end. Libertine | Paddington Just choosing a few shared plates at this leafy Paddington favourite won’t be enough for you and your crew – you’re definitely going to need a banquet. Feast on French-Vietnamese delights like golden pork belly with a generous amount of crackling, crispy baby squid and flavoursome duck pancakes. Best paired with a few of their exotic cocktails, of course. Atalanta Bar & Greek | Hamilton Whether you’re up for a Greek food coma or you just want to nibble, Atalanta Bar & Greek will have you falling head over heels for their Mediterranean feeds. Order plates and plates of slow cooked goat croquettes, flaky spanakopita and Greek meatballs, or go all out and feast on a selection of barbecued seafood and marinated fish with Neptune’s Grill. Just be sure to get plenty of haloumi and saganaki on the side. The Apo | Fortitude Valley A Valley newbie presenting a unique take on all things food and booze, The Apo could just be our new fave spot for an upscale bite to eat. With a rustic but refined menu that constantly evolves, you’ll find yourself splitting one-of-a-kind eats like moonlight flat oysters with oyster cream and slow cooked lamb with jersey cream and salt bush. So you best put your fancy pants on. share plate restaurants brisbane heya Heya | Fortitude Valley An underground restaurant (literally) with a difference, Heya’s dim corners and cosy booths are the perfect place to share dinner, and not just because the mood lighting means you can sneak a few extra pieces of popcorn chicken without anyone noticing. Tuck into sticky pork ribs, spicy curries and quirky cocktails – and be sure to order a side of cheeseburger spring rolls. The Defiant Duck | Newstead For scrumptious American fare served up with a dash of Southern hospitality, you can’t go past The Defiant Duck. You’ll be quacking in happiness after a few plates of their epically cheesy mac ‘n’ cheese croquettes, sticky glazed cola beef ribs and crispy fried chicken. But before you hit dessert, take warning – there’s no way you’ll want to share your slice of pecan pie. Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba Got a few of those friends who are just never satisfied with your dinner choices? You won’t hear a word of complaint from them at Pawpaw, they’ll be too busy downing their chilli caramel pork and chilli salt chicken ribs. Best of all, you can BYO wine and finish it all off with Cocowhip. Chop Chop Chang’s | West End Like good times, food is best shared, especially when it comes to the pan-Asian eats at Chop Chop Chang’s. Take the phones off the table here – but not so you’re forced to socialise, more so you’ll have room for plates and plates of corn and coriander cakes, beef panang and twice cooked sticky beef ribs. So what are you waiting for?  Grab a few of your favourites and prepare eat, drink and be merry at these spots for tapas Brisbane loves! Words by Araminta McLennan