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Brisbane’s best spots for dinner in the city

You’ve just finished a 12 hour day, you’re so hungry you’re eyeing up the mouldy sandwich in your work fridge left by Dave from accounting and as much as you’d love to down a few after work beers, you know you have to do it all again tomorrow. What to do? Don’t go ordering greasy pizza, just step out of your office elevator and take a short stroll to one of our top Brisbane city restaurants. Waterline Restaurant | 123 Eagle Street With a spectacular view of the river and impeccable table service that will have you seated, wine in hand and a plate of delicious a la carte dinner in front of you in no time, The Waterline Restaurant is just the spot for a relaxing Brisbane city dinner. Get hands on with some pulled pork sliders and fries or tuck into one of their tender steaks – 500g of sirloin is sure to satisfy. Public | 400 George Street Somehow making worms and black ants delicious, the Public kitchen is both creative and talented – and far and away from the rushed cityscape it overlooks. If adventurous isn’t your dining style, the Texas brisket or char siu chicken might be more to your liking. The Survey Co. | 32 Burnett Lane Every level of hanger is catered for at the Survey Co., where you can share, graze or be greedy in the cozy laneway spot. With options like pork belly tacos, cumin lamb ribs and sweet cream filled doughnuts, we think you should go with greedy. brisbane city restaurants miss kaysMiss Kay’s | 185 George Street Fat burgers, loaded fries and a side of boozy ginger beer – no, it’s not your usual Friday night (morning?) fare, it’s Miss Kay’s drool worthy American feasts. Tuck into one of their Mac Daddys, a beef burger piled high with mac ‘n’ cheese, plus an ice cream sandwich for dessert, and you’ll never settle for a fast food burger again. Nest | 159 Roma Street All that overtime you’ve been doing is probably wearing you down, so you should get some greens in. Best eaten in the form of one of Nest’s scrumptious pan-Asian dishes of course. There’ll be no picking out the veggies here, you’ll scoff every mouthful of the Malaysian vegetable coconut curry or nasi goreng. Firefly | 275 George Street If cheese loaded carbs are calling your name too loud to ignore, do yourself a favour and get them at Firefly. Be slightly well-behaved and get one of their fiery pizzas topped with bacon and broccoli, or go the whole hog (literally – that’s the name of the pizza!) with bacon, ham salami and chorizo. And if it just happens to be a Friday after all? Well you can back it up with some of Brisbane’s best bars for after work drinks of course!   Words by Ranyhyn Akui