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Brisbane’s best spice infused tea

Alright guys, let’s get this partea started. Deep down, we are all admirers of the classic Lady Grey. A little lavender never hurt anybody. Some people prefer her BFF – Earl Grey. Rumour has it that the two are combining forces to create a killer citrus blend. While this is pretty awesome, I think it’s safe to say that every now and then we all seek something with a little more pizzaz. Something to spice up your life (admit it, The Spice Girls will never really go out of style). So, for those who seek a piquant brew, we’ve got good news for you. Well, a good list of fantastic tea hotspots for the perfect spicy blend. Passion Tree Velvet | Westfield Carindale Hidden in a world of luxurious sweets and treats is a delicious, unique blend of hot cinnamon tea. Effused aromas escape from this magnificent concoction of explosive cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves. If anything can tickle your insides, this is it. Dandelion and Driftwood | Hendra This homely tea-hub in the lush greens of Hendra is a godsend for tea lovers across Brisbane. Taking delight in simple pleasures, these tea-gurus invite you to explore the world of loose-leaf tea (and delectable sweets). Perfection comes in the form of Malabar Chai – a tantalising, ancient beverage emphasising the ginger spice of an age-old blend. The Tea Centre | Albert Lane The Tea Centre. The cosy home of tea perfection. These guys are world renown for their collection of over 180 unique tea blends (not to mention their irresistible Devonshire scones). But to be perfectly honest, their claim to fame would have to be their incredible range of Chai. Our favourite, the Chai Masala – a blend of black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and rose petals – is a delicate and delicious blend. You’ll wish it never ended. The Chai Cart | Brisbane CBD For your dose of tasty comfort, we introduce The Chai Cart. Here, slow-brew chai follows a unique recipe perfected by Sam Blackburn. His popular pop-up cart has been causing quite a stir in the bustling CBD. And as much as we advocate his remarkable chai, we can’t stop raving about Sam’s spiced hot chocolate! The only thing that could improve this steaming concoction would be a side of Johnny Depp (Chocolat, anyone?). Next time it hits tea-o’clock, head to one of Brisbane’s spiciest escapes for a pick me up with a serious kick. Words by Julia Hulbert